More Pitches, More Profits – Introducing the New PitchPlus™ Feature!

Today ClickBank is announcing an exciting new feature now available to all vendors, to help both vendors and their affiliates get more out of every sale. Over the past year, ClickBank made the PitchPlus feature (formerly one-click upsell) available to a select group of vendors, and their success with this feature was impressive. Vendors who participated in this pilot program have sold more than $40 million worth of upsell, cross-sell or downsell offers to date. These are all purchases above and beyond the initial sale!

There are now two different versions of the PitchPlus feature that you can take advantage of and incorporate into your sales process.

PitchPlus Basic

With Pitch Plus Basic, the beginning of the order process works like any other ClickBank purchase; a customer visits your Pitch Page, clicks the payment link, then enters their payment information on the ClickBank order form and completes their purchase.

In a non-PitchPlus purchase, the customer is then taken to a confirmation page where they see their order details and can access the product. In a basic PitchPlus purchase, however, the customer is instead taken from the Order Form to an additional Pitch Page of your choice! The customer is given the opportunity to accept or decline the additional offer, and are then taken to a ClickBank Confirmation Page, which contains links to the individual Thank You pages of the items purchased. If they accept the additional offer, they’re able to purchase it immediately without having to re-enter payment details.

PitchPlus Advanced

Vendors must be approved for the PitchPlus Advanced feature, but once approved they can create PitchPlus flows with up to three additional offers. Like PitchPlus Basic, the order process begins like any other ClickBank purchase. After the customer enters their payment information on the ClickBank order form and completes their purchase, the vendor can display up to three additional offers to the customer within the same purchase cycle.

Within each step of the PitchPlus flow, you can decide what action to take if the customer agrees to the offer or declines the offer. Once the customer completes the flow, they are taken to a ClickBank Confirmation Page, which contains links to the individual Thank You pages of the items purchased. ClickBank automatically displays the correct combination of purchased items.

Vendors who wish to take advantage of these advanced multi-step flows must submit an application for access to PitchPlus Advanced to the ClickBank Security Team.  We will review your application, account history and intended use and respond to you directly regarding your request.

Remember, PitchPlus Basic is available to all vendors, while PitchPlus Advanced version is only available to approved vendors.

What Does This Mean for Affiliates?

Affiliates can earn additional money from PitchPlus sales too! Affiliates can receive a commission for each successful upsell purchase, with the commission rate for upsell purchases set by the vendor.

Affiliates can identify vendors in the ClickBank Marketplace who use PitchPlus offers by either looking for the PitchPlus icon ( ) or by choosing Advanced Search and selecting the Upsell checkbox under the Product Type section.  Affiliates can earn more with every promotion by promoting products from vendors who utilize PitchPlus.


The PitchPlus feature (formerly one-click upsell) is now available to all vendors. And remember, affiliates can benefit from the PitchPlus feature too by promoting products that come with additional offers!

PitchPlus is a great way to:

1) Make more money by offering additional, relevant products during the checkout process

2) Easily sell more products to customers who are already ordering from you

3) Attract more affiliates by offering extra commissions on upsell purchases

For more information on PitchPlus and for help setting up your PitchPlus offer, click here.