How do I monetize my blog?

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Of all the various reasons to have engaging, informative, and well-written content consistently added to your website, there’s one that outshines and encompasses all the rest – to make money!  It doesn’t matter whether your blog is about front porch swings, parenting, golf tips, or dance shoes, each blog post can and should be written with the ultimate goal to monetize your blog.

1. Set up niche websites.

Just as it sounds, niche affiliate marketing encompasses building smaller sites in various niches. These sites, and the blog posts you’ll write for them, are purposefully set up to promote one or more of the affiliate products with which you have an online relationship. Once you’ve picked the niche market, you can then add some relevant and SEO-friendly blog posts to the website.

2. Write blog posts every day.

Whether you have one website with a lot of affiliates on it, or you’ve created five different niche sites, it’s imperative that you write one or more new blog posts every day for at leastone of your websites. The key is making sure each of your niche affiliate sites get some fresh content every week. Make a list of your sites, then decide how much content each will get per week. With a set writing schedule and editorial calendar, you’ll be able to effectively manage and monetize your blogs through affiliate marketing. While you’re at it, make sure your page is well designed too.

3. Promote and share your blog posts

About one-fifth of your time should be spent writing blog posts to monetize your affiliate marketing relationships, while the remaining 80 percent should go toward marketing your blogs. Sharing your blog posts on other sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, not only promotes your content but shows your expertise. In addition, you can leverage your content even further by transforming your blog into

  • a collection of short reports,
  • mini podcasts,
  • or engaging and creative videos.

4. Create content for mini sites

Another way to monetize your blog posts with affiliate marketing is to set up a “re-sell” page to promote just one specific product as opposed to all the products an affiliate offers.

This one, well-written blog post on a squeeze page can then lead to the affiliate’s sales page. This approach is most effective if you are already in a niche market and want to focus on doing a lot of promotion of a brand new product for that sector, but don’t want to set up a whole new website.

You would simply register the specific domain, then set up a new page with that one blog post that features the link to the product! If you’ve built up a list of email subscribers, you already have an interested audience and can promote the affiliate product in your regularly scheduled emails.

5. Write about engaging topics and mention affiliate products

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog posts for affiliate marketing is to write a post on a particular topic of interest and seamlessly mention (and link to) the affiliate’s product. Whether you are directly reviewing a product or listing five things to bring camping – one of which happens to be a tent that your affiliate sells – you can naturally include that product without the mention feeling forced.