Maximize Your Sales Success with ClickBank 3.0

We’ve been helping entrepreneurs be successful for over 16 years, and with 3.0 we’re providing you with easy to use, powerful tools to make your business even more profitable. Express Checkout and Automatic Upsell are two of the nine new tools that have been released with 3.0, and they are specifically designed to help maximize your sales success.

Express Checkout icon-express-checkout

This new feature creates a quicker and easier purchasing experience for your customers by detecting a return customer and displaying a pre-populated order form.

Express Checkout allows for reduced friction in the buying process for your customers, helping them get to your valuable product with more ease and less hassle.


Automatic Upsell

Big vendor sites like Amazon have been using recommendations for years, and now your ClickBank business can take advantage of the upsell possibilities with Automatic Upsell. This new feature is displayed on order confirmation pages and recommends other ClickBank products that similar customers have previously purchased. If a customer purchases from the Automatic Upsell you will receive the affiliate commission.

The recommendations displayed after a transaction has been completed are based on our visibility into the entire transaction process. With years of comprehensive, historical data at our fingertips we are able to display targeted, relevant products. Automatic Upsell makes it easier than ever for customers to buy more from you.

We are excited to open up more possibilities for your online business by serving you with a full suite of digital commerce, sales and marketing tools that are designed to help you increase revenues. These new features are just the beginning.

New to ClickBank? Check out more of our features and get started selling your information products online today. Already have a ClickBank business? Check out these new features today!