Introducing…Order Bump Beta!

Introducing…Order Bump Beta!

We are excited to announce the beta release of Order Bump!

ClickBank’s newest feature allows vendors to increase the value of customer transactions without interrupting the customer shopping experience.

order form
View of an order form with three bump products.

In essence, Order Bump allows a vendor to add “bumps” or additional products to an initial purchase. These bumps are visible on the order form, so a customer can easily add these products at checkout. Think of a bump as, “you’re buying the pasta, add the sauce for just $4 more.” Afterwards, the customer will see all the purchases consolidated as one single transaction.

Vendors have a prime opportunity to showcase their product suite with Order Bump, as up to five bumps are allowed on the order form. It is compatible with other ClickBank features such as upsells, Advanced Custom Order Forms and Content Delivery. It’s also easy to set up, as it is fully configurable and automated from within the Account Management interface and requires no additional coding to complete setup.

As mentioned, this feature is currently in beta. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a participant, please contact partner services at