Introducing the New, Redesigned Product Editor!

If you’ve added a new product to ClickBank in the past day, you may have noticed things looked a little different. That’s because, (drumroll please), we are excited to announce the release of the redesigned Product Editor!

The new version makes it clearer and easier for vendors to add new digital, some physical, and a combination of both types (hybrid) of products on ClickBank!

Some of the updated and new features for Product Editor include:

Active/Inactive Toggle Bar and FAQ’s active inactive

The toggle bar allows vendors to change the status of a product. “Active” means the product will be available for sale after approval. If Inactive, it will not be listed in the marketplace after approval.

Right next to the slider is FAQ drop down menu. In this menu you can find answers to many common questions that pop up during the set-up process.

Product Title

When adding a new name to a product, vendors can also see the product title applied at the same time at the top of the page. This is visible in the greyed out text below.

create new product

Product Image

If your product has an image associated, you can now see a larger more defined version of the image on the right hand side of the page.

product image

Keep in mind, the product approval process remains the same. Even though the Product Editor has received a number of updates, it will also soon support some exciting new features. So stay tuned…lots of great things to come!

Have you already added a new product using the new Product Editor? Have a question? Let us know how it was by leaving us a note on our Facebook page. We love hearing from our vendors!

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