Introducing the New ClickBank Insights Feature!

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Recently on the Blog we’ve been talking a lot about ClickBank big data and why it’s important for your business. At ClickBank, the ability to take all of the information that comes across our network and capture, curate, store and analyze it in a way that is valuable for your business is an important part of our business. And to prove it, we developed a feature unlike anything we’ve ever released to give you insight into your customers, products and promotions in ways you never thought possible.

Meet ClickBank Insights

ClickBank Insights is a new, free feature designed to dramatically increase your sales and change the way you look at promoting products. By analyzing data from millions of transactions across our entire network of vendors and affiliates, we’ve created a feature that gives you customized recommendations on which vendors you should be promoting.

How Does It Work?

Using this powerful recommendation engine, you can now learn which vendors’ products your customers are most likely to purchase, so you can earn more, faster. ClickBank’s vast amount of data is at the core of this new feature. Based on the buying behavior of your customers, ClickBank Insights recommends vendor accounts for you promote.

But we didn’t stop there.

Using a top-secret algorithm, recommendation bubbles are sized based on opportunity value, with larger bubbles meaning increased earning potential and likelihood of your customers to purchase from that vendor.

And there’s more!

ClickBank Insights automatically highlights the vendor account with the largest opportunity value. Already promoting that product? No worries! Simply “hide” that vendor or click on another bubble to view additional information and statistics for each of the recommendations.

How Can I Access it?

ClickBank Insights is automatically displayed in accounts of vendors and affiliates that have achieved a minimum number of sales. You may see recommendations by vendor or affiliate activity, or both on your dashboard depending on your sales history.

Don’t see ClickBank Insights in Your Account?

To maximize the feature’s effectiveness and ensure that it is really truly useful and valuable to your business, you’ve got to first make some sales. Not there yet? Don’t worry! ClickBank Insights gives you something to aspire to. Keep working hard, making those sales, and before you know it, you too will see ClickBank Insights in your account and can benefit from the recommendations.

Want more information on how to use ClickBank Insights? Check out our Knowledge Base article here.

What Are You Waiting For?

Hurry! Log in to your account, and if you are a qualifying vendor or affiliate, ClickBank Insights will automatically be displayed on your dashboard. We’re talking customized recommendations for you and your business, and endless opportunities. Check it out and start reaping the rewards now.