Introducing the New Always on Shopping Portal

Update: Since this blog was posted we have since concluded our testing with the iframe. The vendor Pitch Pages that were included in the initial test will no longer show in an iframe for ALL Hop traffic starting today.

The ClickBank branded header must be part of your marketing funnel and at the top of any page with a ClickBank payment link, to reduce the volume of consumers who report their charges as fraudulent due to the lack of awareness of ClickBank being the Internet Retailer of the transaction. This is a problem that affects you as much as ClickBank since you lose revenue from the buyer, affiliate commissions are returned, and the consumer ultimately opts-out of future purchases or subscriptions from you.

We are actively evaluating the data we gathered during our test to see what iterative changes should be made to the format and content of the header, though we will not serve it through an iframe. As we make modifications to our approach, we will keep you updated.

At this time, no action is required for the Always On Shopping Portal.  If you have already implemented the JavaScript, please note the header will not display and your pages will function as before. Please check back often for updates. 

Thank you again for sharing your feedback and concerns. Our desire is to adapt our solutions and offering to best accommodate the needs of our Vendors, Affiliates and consumers. We value our partnership with you and look forward to the next phase of our growth together.

In our 17 years, we’ve been fortunate to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses. Supporting countless marketers and affiliates through millions of customer purchases, has made ClickBank the trusted and reliable internet retailer we are today.

We’ve also seen a lot of change in that time. Given the rise of online fraud, the performance marketing landscape is rapidly shifting to an increased focus on fraud prevention and security measures. The industry as a whole has been affected significantly, and major credit card brands and payment companies have increased their scrutiny to fight these issues.

This changing tide means everyone needs to be proactive in protecting their customers and themselves. And that starts with us.

You may have already heard about the changes we are implementing to our platform. Over the next few months, we will be adding several enhancements to ensure a curated and safe shopping experience for all customers.

One of these enhancements is the ClickBank Always On Shopping Portal. The ClickBank Always On Shopping Portal establishes consistent ClickBank branding throughout the customer’s shopping journey, while unobtrusively preserving the branding, look and feel vendors use when promoting their products on ClickBank.

“The Always On Shopping Portal is a major enhancement to the overall ClickBank experience,” said CEO Ray Morris.

“We will continue to iterate and improve on this in order to provide our vendors and partners with important tools to make more informed decisions, ultimately increasing conversions and important metrics.”
“We are optimistic that our end customers will have a higher degree of trust in the products available on the platform.”

As of today, the Always On Shopping Portal is live for a significant share of ClickBank vendor accounts. There are two components to this enhancement: first, product related vendor pages redirect to a ClickBank branded domain ( Secondly, a ClickBank branded header will now sit on top of vendor sales pages (pitch and thank you pages). This header includes a ClickBank logo, as well as navigation elements for Customer Support and to the ClickBank marketplace. The header is fully mobile responsive and elegantly displays across all devices be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

For affiliate driven traffic routed through the ClickBank Hop System, the header is already live. However, for any self driven or externally routed traffic such as through search engines, the vendor will need to implement a section of JavaScript on each product related page. This JavaScript will bring in the ClickBank header, providing a consistent experience across all customers regardless of their path to the vendor’s pages.

For the implementation guide, and to learn more about these updates, please reference the article on the ClickBank Knowledge Base. Additional enhancements, including a content delivery platform, will debut in October.

We understand that sometimes change is difficult. And it can be hard for some to embrace these changes. However, we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our vendors, customers and affiliates and look forward to a continued, successful partnership.

Should you have any questions regarding the Always on Shopping Portal, please don’t hesitate to contact ClickBank support.

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