Introducing ClickBank Joint Venture

At ClickBank, we recognize that partnerships are among the biggest keys to success in the affiliate marketing business. Having great relationships with other people in the industry such as affiliates, copywriters, subject matter experts, virtual assistants, or affiliate managers can be the difference between making a few dollars online and having a thriving Internet-based business.

Until now, managing the administratoristrative side of partnerships, whether it’s figuring out revenue sharing on a given sale or working with affiliate managers to determine the effectiveness of referred affiliates, has been challenging and time-consuming, if not impossible. With that in mind, ClickBank is very proud and excited to announce the availability of our extensive new Joint Venture capabilities.

ClickBank Joint Venture is a powerful new way to automate payouts, refunds, bonuses and more between multiple parties. It even allows for something which many ClickBank clients have wanted for a long time, which is 2nd tier affiliate commissions!

Joint Venture includes four different types of JV contracts you can create, with each serving a unique and useful function:

  • Traditional JV Contract– Allows a product vendor to give a portion of their earnings from a sale to another client, such as a partner, copywriter, designer, customer service manager, or anyone they wish.
  • Upsell JV Contract- Allows a product vendor to upsell another vendor’s product and split the proceeds of the sale however they wish.
  • Affiliate Referral Contract- Commonly referred to as 2nd tier affiliate commissions, this type of JV allows a product vendor to share a portion of their earnings with an affiliate manager or JV broker who referred the affiliate that led to a particular sale.
  • Affiliate JV Contract- Allows two or more affiliates to share the affiliate commission on a sale. This is a great way for affiliates to partner on an advertising campaign or collaborate on projects.

For more information on how to set up and use all the different kinds of Joint Venture contracts, please see our Joint Venture Help Center article!