Insider Secrets for Navigating ClickBank’s Product (Part 2 of 2)

(This is part 2 of a 2 part post. To see part 1 of this post, click here.)

Submitting Your Product

Once you have created your product and website, you’re ready to submit your product to ClickBank for review. The tips below will help you get your product submitted and communicate with our Business Services team throughout your product approval process.

Tip #1: Save the product in your account.

The first step to getting your product approved is to save the product in your account. For detailed steps on how to save the product, please click here.

Tip #2: Submit your product for approval.

Saving the product in your account does not automatically submit it for approval. After you save a product, you will see the following message:

approval request required

To submit your product, you will need to click on the “Approval Request Required” text. Clicking that text will open the product approval request form. You will need to complete the form to submit the request.

After you submit the request, you will see the following next to your product, which indicates your product approval submission request was successful:

approval requested

Tip #3: Provide as much detailed information as possible in your product approval request form.

Our Business Services team uses the information you provide on this form to review your request.  Please include as much information as you can. If there are special instructions or a username and password they must use in order to access the product, please make sure you give that information in the form. This will ensure a quicker and more seamless review of your product.

Tip #4: How to communicate through our ticket system.

When your product has been reviewed, the Business Services team will make comments on your ticket. They will let you know what actions you’ll need to take and they will ask that you comment on the ticket once those actions are completed. You will receive an email notification letting you know when your ticket has received a comment. This notification will be sent to the email address saved in your account. Each time a comment is made on your ticket, you will receive an email notification.

You will not be able to reply to that email. The email will give you a special link you must click in order to comment on the ticket. Clicking that link will take you to the My Products page in your account if you are already logged in. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login. After logging in, you will then be taken to the My Products page. Next to the product you will see the following:

approval requested updated

To comment on the ticket, you will need to click the “Ticket Details” text.  After you click that text, a box will open where you can see the details for your request and a box that will allow you to make comments or add an attachment:


Enter your comments here and then click the red “Save” button. This will send your comments back to the Business Services team so they can continue with the review of your product.

Tip #5: Activate your account.

When your product has been approved, the Business Services team will notify you through the ticket system. Their notification will include instructions on how to activate your account. Make sure you review those details to complete the activation process. You will not be able to actively sell your product until activation is complete.

Congratulations, you’re all done! Welcome to ClickBank’s vendor program!