How to Use Fan Reviews to Monetize Facebook

Written by: Guest Author, Nick Unsworth

If you’re sick and tired of all of the Facebook marketing hype and you just want to know real straight shooting tips that actually produce results then I suggest you buckle your seat belt and get your notepad.

I’ve spent the past 3 years testing these 5 simple proven strategies on over 120 client accounts in addition to hundreds of business owners and internet marketers that I have taken through my coaching programs. The bottom line is that these strategies will help you to monetize your time and energy spent on Facebook once and for all (thank God!).

Fan Review

In your mind, what is the most powerful form of marketing? Most marketers and research firms would agree that old trusty word of mouth marketing is hands down the most powerful form of marketing that exists.

Why? The answer is simple…consumers don’t care about what your ad says…they care about what their friends think.

Have you ever eaten a delicious and juicy steak at a restaurant and told friends about it? Word of mouth marketing is the backbone of a good business.

So what’s the problem?

Even if you had the best steak of your life at the restaurant, that information is bottled up in your head until you share the story with friends and family. The problem is that we are so busy these days that if you don’t share that story about the delicious steak within a couple days we have a tendency to forget about it. In addition, how often do you see everyone that you know so that you can share the story of your delectable steak? You probably don’t see 90% of your network face to face at all! That means that the steakhouse misses out on all of that business because they don’t have an efficient way to track and share these types of testimonials.

The solution you ask?

The Fan Reviews Strategy is single handedly the most effective strategy that I have employed on Facebook because it creates viral word of mouth marketing that drives trusted referrals and revenues back to the business.

The kicker is that the leads that come back to the business are of a much higher quality because trust is built in. If you had the best steak of your life and you told me about it, I’m going to go there with an empty stomach and positive attitude. If I saw a billboard or PPC ad for a steakhouse there’s not trust associated with it… it’s cold traffic.

I’ve proven in multiple industries that this is the simplest and most effective marketing tool on Facebook and creates a tangible flow of high quality leads for your business. The best part is that it doesn’t much time, content creation, or marketing dollars.

The Fan Reviews Strategy

Step 1:  Add a Facebook Fan Reviews application to your FB business page

  • You can either search on FB for a free “Review App” or use the Fan Reviews application that I built. Both would work but mine’s cooler :).


Step 2:  Sell something

  • Every business should have customers so once you sell something and that is accomplished move on to step 3.

Step 3:  Ask for a Fan Review

  • Many businesses were raised by asking for referrals after a customer has purchased and that has been the lifeblood behind the vast majority of small businesses. In this case, it’s the exact same behavior except we make it 10x easier. Instead, of putting the customer on the spot and asking who they know that could also use your products or services you simple say something like this:
  • “Mr. customer, thank you so much for your business. As you know I rely on word of mouth marketing and referrals to grow my business. If you enjoyed working with me as much as I have with you then it would be very helpful if you could share your experience in a one or two sentence review.”
  • Tip: If you can educate your customer about how to write an effective review that will help to create even higher quality referrals. Ask them to write a review that shares their tangible results.
  • Example: You’re an insurance agent and you saved your customer $350 per year. If you ask your customer to share the cost savings in the review it will be more powerful than a general “he’s a great guy” type of review.
  • Tip: Automate this process by using an email autoresponder that asks your customer for a review after they purchase.
  • Fan Reviews go viral. What if you get one review and it reaches ALL of that person’s friends and family members on Facebook? Imagine how powerful that becomes. Your customer’s review can reach hundreds of their friends with the push of a button.


Step 4:  Share Your Fan Reviews with your prospects

  • We have found that some of the best types of status updates on a FB fan page are when you are sharing successes and milestones with your fans. Take your favorite fan reviews and share them with your fans, prospects, and network. When they consistently see that other consumers have great things to say about you it will lead to a perception that you are good at what you do and encourage them to become a customer as well.
  • Take a screen capture and send out the photo as a status update from your FB page by uploading the photo. Tip: the Fan Reviews app automatically does this for you.


Step 5:  Showcase Your Favorite Reviews to Increase Conversions

  • What do Google Reviews, Yelp, and Amazon have in common? They all use reviews to help consumers make decisions about whether to buy a product or service. The social proof of reviews is a powerful tool and you should also use it to your advantage.
  • Take your best reviews and showcase them on your website or on your shopping cart so that you can increase your conversion percentage.

The Ninja Fan Reviews Contest Strategy

Step 1:  Review the Facebook Promotion Guidelines

  • You don’t want to get on FB’s bad side…have a quick read of their promotional guidelines

Step 2:  Choose Your Contest Behaviors

  • What are your goals for your contest? You want to align the contest behaviors to match what the outcome is that you are looking for
  • Example:


Step 3:  Choose Prize(s)

  • iPads and Kindle Fires have been proven to work extremely well in almost any industry
  • Free solution: Give away your products, services, or time as the contest prize to save money

Step 4:  Create a FB Landing Page

  • Put a video at the top sharing the details of the contest. When you add video it helps you to build trust with your audience. When people ask me “How to do I convert fans to customers” I always say that it is accomplished by building trust and then following up. Videos build trust quickly.
  • Add your contest behaviors
  • Showcase the prize
  • Couple free resources to build a landing page: and

Step 5:  Market Your Contest to Your Network

  • Get the word out to your network about your contest with as many forms of marketing that you use. Email, direct mail, FB ads, status updates, tweets, email signature, and signage at your location if applicable.

Step 6:  Pick a Winner Publicly

  • Once the contest has ended tally up the entries and go ahead and pick a winner.  I highly recommend that you choose a winner publicly.  I have clients that pull the winner out of a hat and upload the video to FB.  Again, this comes back to building up rapport online.
  • When the person receives your prize be sure to have them upload a photo to FB because it creates the social poof that someone actually won.
  • Tip:  We have found that contests are accretive in nature.  Meaning that they snowball in effectiveness when you do more than one.  The logical reason is that consumers may be skeptical at first and then as they see you picking a winner they will be more likely to enter in the second contest.

The proof is in the pudding

  • We executed the above contest strategy with Jason Cass of JDC Insurance. He is a solopreneur out in Centralia IL.  He asked for FB reviews, LinkedIn Recommendations, and video testimonials and here’s what happened…
  • 19 total referrals
  • 12 new insurance clients
  • Averaged 3.4 insurance policies per new client VS. the industry avg of 1.2 policies per new client
  • The takeaway is that this strategy not only worked in a challenging industry to market like insurance but it created very high quality business. The fundamental reason is because when someone refers a friend or family member they are a warm lead as opposed to cold traffic. That means that trust is already established and they are much less price sensitive and overall they are more enjoyable to work with.

What now?

Do what every successful entrepreneur does…take action immediately. Your income is in a direct relationship with the speed at which you implement new strategies that you learn. Once you implement the strategy be sure to keep Don and I posted about your results. There’s nothing that makes us happier than hearing about fellow success stories.

To your online success,





Nick Unsworth


About the Author

Nick Unsworth is a Social Media Pro, speaker, and author who teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals how to build a tribe of raving fans, followers, and customers that will grow their brand and bottom line. Notable clients include Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Dean Graziosi, Choice Point, Entrepreneurial Advantage, McCue Mortgage, and hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Nick’s company, Smash it is a boutique digital media consulting firm that focuses on ROI based social media marketing.