How to Create High Converting Promotional Videos

We want to teach you how to tap into video marketing by showing you how to create high converting promotional videos. This kind of marketing can expand your ClickBank affiliate income and help you scale your online business.

Video Converts

You’ve tried everything! PPC, blogging, memes. Nothing seems to work.

Someone you know tells you to try video. You scoff. “Video! I can’t afford that!”

But that simply isn’t true.

Video in the age of predictive photography and 4k iPhones is not nearly as expensive as you might think. And the tools you need are often free.

You heard us right. FREE. And who doesn’t love free?

But even if you have all the tools, you aren’t guaranteed to suddenly have high-converting promotional videos. That takes a special kind of knowledge. Scroll on to glean. 

1. Keep It Short and Simple

Promotional content goes at the top of the sales funnel. These videos are meant to capture interest and shove people down the funnel to the next stage.

This means you can’t bore your audience. They need to get what they want from the video and get on with their day. You need to capture their attention and then capitalize on it. 

Your goal is to stick in their subconscious for the rest of the day. For this reason, you need to keep the video short.

Longer videos are for bottom of the funnel pages. 

How long should your video be? 30 seconds. No more. Videos 30 seconds or shorter convert 89% better than longer videos.

What’s more, you need to keep the video simple. You’re trying to give the lead a taste of what the affiliate product or service is all about. You want to make them want to come back and ask for more.

2. Always Write a Script

This isn’t Who’s Line Is It Anyway? You can’t just adlib your video and hope people will “just get you.”

Getting your script just right might require several drafts. But if the first draft doesn’t seem satisfactory, keep going. You never know what kind of inspiration might come in the third or fourth draft.

Think of your script like sales copy:

  • You want to hook your audience from the moment the video begins
  • You must explain everything in simple terms anyone can understand
  • Continue to keep people engaged throughout (it’s only 30 seconds!)

Write with a personal tone. Pretend you’re speaking to your best friend.

When you come to the end of the video, insert a call to action. 

Here’s the formula for any piece of promotional content no matter the medium:

  • Hook into the pain point
  • Explain how your product or service can fix the problem
  • Invite people to take the next step

Lastly, make sure you have other people review your script. You need someone who is willing to be honest with you. 

3. Voiceovers Are Appropriate

Unlike a cheesy coming of age film, affiliate videos benefit from voiceovers. It gives you the chance to showcase products and services while remaining personable.

Again, you might think this an expensive aspect of video production, but it doesn’t have to. A solid lav microphone can be as affordable as $30. 

You have two options for voiceover integration. You can record in a separate program and import the audio over to your video program.

You can use your phone as a storage device if you’re going to be away from your desktop when recording. 

With some video editing software suites, you can record directly over the video. Your choice depends on what software you have access to and what kind of microphone you use.

Some people just don’t have the voice for video. That’s ok. Not everyone can soothe a shark with their voice. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with your voice on video, you can always find someone to read your script for you. This could be a friend or family member. 

If you don’t know someone with a stellar voice, you could always hire someone. This will drive up the cost, but think of how much more you’ll make if you convert those leads.

4. Plan Your Visuals Ahead of Time

Begin by sketching out your vision. Just like any action film, you need to make the video flow. 

What does this mean? Your video can’t be a bunch of disconnected images. One scene must complement the next.

Creating a storyboard for your video will help you see exactly how each scene relates to the next.

A good video should include a story arc. This could be as simple as the problem/solution arc. Someone has a problem and something they hadn’t considered fixes their problem.

Even the cheesiest infomercials include a story arc. “You keep slipping and cutting yourself when cutting a tomato! But look at this knife! It’s so sharp it will cut the tomato without slipping and cut this quarter!”

If you can set up and shoot each scene without having to go back and reshoot, you’ll save money. 

5. Create Visuals

There’s always more than one way to create an online video. You don’t have to be the one in front of the camera.

If you’re camera-shy, why not consider animation? 

The best visual assets were created using Adobe Illustrator or other digital creation software suites. But you might not be Dali or even a decent cartoonist. What do you do then?

You can easily use other methods to create visuals for your video.

Screen Capture

This is an asset you should use sparingly. Unless you sell tech support and create tech support videos, you should probably even avoid this option.

It’s not visually stunning and you’ll end up boring your audience. But it is still an option.

Stock Video

Stock video is cheap. The most you will have to spend on stock video is $60. And they are professionally shot. Often you can even find 4k video.

Hire an Artist

This could run up the cost of your video if you’re not careful. Where can you find artists on the cheap? School.

Students who need to put professional work on their resume will often draw or illustrate for you for pennies. Just be sure to compensate them what they’re worth.

Affiliate Marketing Promotional Videos Don’t Take Many Sacrifices

See, you didn’t have to sacrifice much to gain high-converting knowledge of promotional video production. And it won’t cost you your inheritance either.

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