How To Be Profitable With Your ClickBank Product (Part 2 of 2)

(This is part 2 of a 2 part post). Click here to read part 1.

Written by: Guest author, Kevin McClelland


OK cool – you now have traffic coming to your sales page… what’s next? The next step is to test absolutely everything you can think of on your sales page.

Believe it or not, things like the color of your background, your headline font size, what your “add to cart” button says (i.e. buy now, get access now, sign me up, etc.), and the height of your header image can all affect your conversions. Changing your headline font can be the difference between making $500 and $1000 in a month. Use a tool such as Google Optimizer to test various aspects of your sales page. You literally can never test enough.

I won’t try and give any specific tips for increasing conversion rates because with every product it will be different, but here are a few things I’ve had success with: videos on the sale page, arrows pointing to my add to cart buttons, making your guarantee offer nice and visible, and including lots of testimonials.

Capturing Leads

Have you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”? For those who are unfamiliar with that saying, it refers to capturing leads usually with an email marketing service (Aweber or iContact for example). I am a big believer in this, as I have made a lot of money from leads I’ve captured and communicated with through email alone.

I highly recommend that you try and capture the emails of as many of your visitors emails as possible. There are a few ways to do this on a sales page. You can have a mandatory squeeze page that captures emails before visitors see your sales page (the downside to this is some people may close out and never end up getting to your sales page), you can use scripts that have email popup boxes when people try to leave your site, or you can offer a portion of your product for free in exchange for their email (example “Get 1 Free Chapter from my Cooking eBook to test out – simply enter your email below). Whatever you do you should be trying to get as many emails as you can without disrupting your sales process too much.

The next step is to create a follow up sequence with anyone who entered his or her email but didn’t purchase the product. Provide them with as much valuable content relating to your product as you can. Again, this can be sneak peaks at certain parts of your product, or whatever you think will keep the prospect interested in your product. Every now and again throw in a call to action to try and get them back to your sales page to purchase.

Note: The email marketing services allow you to automate your lists so when the prospect purchases they can be taken off the list. This way the emails aren’t being sent out to customers who’ve purchased already.

Tip: I find the more the customers you’re trying to target are like you as person, the more they are willing to purchase from you.

Don’t be overly annoying, and make sure you are providing value for free more than you are trying to sell. Once you have this all set up properly it will all be automatic and your sales will start to increase.

Cross Promoting Products

You’re now at the step where you have customers, and you have a list of people who didn’t buy your product but you know are interested in your niche.

The money making isn’t done just yet. You can now visit the ClickBank Marketplace and find similar products to yours that you can become an affiliate of and promote to your past customers and prospects list.

If your product is a video membership site teaching people how to cook Italian why not show them a great home wine making course, or a Chinese recipe cookbook?

I recommend purchasing the product first and trying it out yourself before recommending something blindly. This way you can actually give your personal experiences with the product and the selling will come easier and be more natural. If you don’t want to spend your money you can always take a look at the cool info that ClickBank has in their marketplace like average $ per sale and gravity and get a good idea of which products are the best to promote.

Lastly you can always begin the process over and create another product to cross promote to your now raving fans.

So that is how I’ve started to make a great income selling my own products on ClickBank, and I hope you found at least one or two points in here that will help you start making more money.

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