Global Internet Retailer ClickBank Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

ClickBank, a top global internet retailer for physical and digital products, is celebrating its 20th year of business.  From its humble beginnings in San Diego, California ClickBank has grown to be an international business with over $4.9 billion dollars in lifetime sales and an catalog or selection of more than 670,000 digital & physical products.

 “When one thinks of internet retailers and/or technology companies that started in the late 90’s and are still around today, the list is fairly short,” said Kevin Strawbridge, ClickBank CEO. “ClickBank is both – an internet retailer and a technology company – and it continues to be a strong leader 20 years after it was launched to support and grow entrepreneurs and businesses that bring products to market.”

In 1998, ClickBank’s founders Tim & Eileen Barber recognized the explosive growth of the internet would make it increasingly difficult for consumers to find the products they needed. With this as their vision, they set out to create an online ecosystem which would exist to inspire, support, and grow thousands of current and new businesses worldwide to market and sell products and services across the web.

Now in its 20th year of business, ClickBank is still overseen by the original founding executives and continues to maintain its privately-held ownership.  By doing so, ClickBank has been able to control its own trajectory, continually improving upon itself and exceeding the needs of its global partners. ClickBank will continue to grow and enhance the selection of products, the systems to transact smoothly, and the service for customers and clients.

“Our founders envisioned a way to change the world for thousands of people and companies. They have done just that, and more. Congratulations to ClickBank on two decades of internet retail success,” said Kevin Strawbridge.

About ClickBank

Founded in 1998, ClickBank has established itself as a top global internet retailer powered by one of the world’s leading performance marketing platforms for both digital and physical products.  The ClickBank platform meets at the intersection of ecommerce, fintech, and adtech, enabling entrepreneurs to drive consumer traffic and sales through a commissioned marketer network.

With over 200 million customers, six million platform users, and distribution in 190 countries, ClickBank’s powerful e-commerce and mobile ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with an easy to use, secure online marketplace to help them sell their products and services.

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