Getting the Most Out of Affiliate Tools

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Community Manager

When you’re searching for new products to promote as an affiliate, one of the things I always recommend looking for is whether a vendor has an affiliate tools page. These pages can be one of the easiest ways to quickly develop effective promotions for a product, especially if it’s a new niche you’re just starting to explore.

How Affiliate Tools Can Help You

Though affiliate tools pages come in many forms, most of them include a selection of useful information about the vendor’s product that will make your life as an affiliate much easier.

Typically, they include information like:

  • Suggested keywords for SEO or PPC advertising
  • Image or text ads you can use to link to the vendor’s site
  • Ideas for article marketing content
  • Strong selling points of the product
  • Information about the best target audience for the product
  • Embeddable videos with information or sales pitches
  • FAQs

All of these items can save you valuable time, energy, and money when crafting your marketing efforts. They can help you quickly develop effective marketing campaigns, rather than having to put in hours of keyword research or spend your own time developing topics for articles.

How to Identify Vendors with Affiliate Tools Pages

The easiest way to find affiliate tools pages for ClickBank vendors is to search in our Marketplace. Look for vendors with a “Vendor Spotlight” link under the Promote button in their listing.

In the Vendor Profile box, if they have an affiliate tools page, it will be shown at the bottom of that box. Not all vendors who have a Vendor Spotlight will have an affiliate tools page, but most do.

You can also easily find vendors in your niche by performing an Advanced Search in the Marketplace. Near the bottom of that page, you can select to only see vendors who have an affiliate tools page.

Some vendors may also choose to list their affiliate tools page in their Marketplace listing, but this is much less common and isn’t as easy to find as the previously listed methods.

Finally, some vendors may have an Affiliates link on their website, typically in the footer. If there’s a particular vendor you want to promote but who doesn’t have any affiliate information, you can always try contacting them to ask for any insight or tips they have for promoting their product.

Taking advantage of affiliate tools can be a great way to make your promotional efforts easier and more successful. If you’ve never explored vendors’ affiliate tools pages, be sure to check some out today!

What affiliate tools do you find most useful? What do you wish more vendors included in their affiliate tools?