Physical Compliance Video with Hannah Russo

Expediting the Compliance Process- Consumables and Cosmetics-

It’s a question we get all the time, “So, does ClickBank sell physical products yet?”

YES! Physical products make up a large portion of offers on ClickBank! But let’s break it down even further. From the Arts & Entertainment niche all the way to Health & Fitness, protein powders to camel’s milk, ClickBank has a HUGE variety of physical goods actively being sold on the platform.

But lately, we’ve seen a significant rise in one area:

Cosmetics and Consumables.

ClickBank aims to be your most helpful resource when selling these items online. To do that, we want to make the process of getting on boarded as simple as possible.

To help our vendors grab this lucrative bull by the horns, Hannah Russo is back again! For those of you selling, or interested in selling a product in this category, she’s got more details and resources to help you speed up your compliance approval process!


#1: Prohibited Products

#2: FDA Product Checklist

#3: Minimum Label Requirements

#4: FDA’s Dietary Supplement Guide

#5: FTC’s Dietary Supplement Guide

#6: Do’s & Don’ts of Your Product’s Claims

#7: Research Breakdown

#8: FDA Warning Letters

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