Exciting Announcement! Discover New Ways to Increase Revenue Growth on Mobile With Pytch

Smartphones or tablets have fundamentally changed the way people search and shop online, thus creating a new marketplace for entrepreneurs to tap into. Last year, mobile commerce hit record growth, and is expected to fuel the boom in mobile advertising of more than $20 billion in ad spend in 2014.

The rise in mobile paves way for new revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs, and ClickBank has made strategic investments to help businesses make the leap into smartphones and tablets. Announced today at ClickBank Exchange in Las Vegas, ClickBank has transformed our trusted $40 million mobile commerce business into a new monetization service called Pytch for online businesses, advertisers and mobile app developers.

The new monetization service is being previewed today at ClickBank Exchange, and an Android and iOS SDK will launch by Spring 2014. It features new groundbreaking ad-serving technologies that serve contextual ads in apps, and enriches the mobile experience for targeted audiences. Pytch also provides online businesses that advertise through the service with site and secure payment optimization tools for mobile. Key features for affiliates advertising digital products on mobile include:

  • Mobile Commerce Platform. Pytch is plugged into a secure mobile commerce platform for micro-to-mid-sized businesses of digital products that tap one of the world’s largest and most reliable affiliate networks. The mobile commerce platform has already offered tens of thousands of online businesses safe payment systems, real-time analytics tools, localization in190 countries and premier customer service support, and will also be offered through Pytch.
  • Mobile Affiliated Marketing. Pytch helps advertisers identify and engage the right developers that can refer digital products to mobile customers. Advertisers can then recognize better return on their marketing dollars, and generate a reoccurring revenue stream via affiliated ads in apps.
  • Real-Time Campaign Analytics. Pytch let advertisers of digital products launch and monitor campaigns that effectively reach targeted audiences across the Web, mobile and tablets. Standard campaign metrics including impressions, clicks, and eCPMs will be shown in real-time through Pytch’s start-of-the-art dashboard.
  • New Mobile Partnerships. Through new mobile partnerships with Dudamobile and Phluant, also announced today, advertisers will have access to leading site optimization solutions and world-class rich media advertising formats for mobile at launch.

Mobile developers are already using Pytch’s underlying mobile commerce technologies. In fact, Feel Free Apps, which has ranked as high as the second most popular iOS app in the Health & Fitness category has increased revenues by 600% after piloting Pytch. On average, campaigns served via Pytch have seen an eCPM north of $40 versus the industry average of $1 eCPM.

“Pytch is a monetization accelerant for apps because it weaves together the right tools from a proven digital platform – ClickBank,” said Heath Sanchez, CEO of AppyTaps, and Founder of Feel Free Apps. “Thanks to Pytch, I have a solid growth and revenue strategy for my mobile business, which means I can continue to focus on building a great experience for consumers on smartphones.”

By this Spring 2014, mobile app developers can install the Pytch SDK into their apps to run targeted, high-performing ads, and fill ad capacity to the max for greater monetization. Pytch supplies tens of thousands of contextual and behavioral ads from a wide range of verticals including health and wellness, personal finance, and relationships. Developers also get compensated a competitive rate that is always paid on time for running ads from Pytch’s mobile ad network.

Pytch is here to help entrepreneurs make 2014 the year of mobile for their business. Register today for Pytch at www.pytch.com and be one of the first tap these new mobile revenue opportunities.