Edward Katzin Appointed New CEO of ClickBank

BOISE, Idaho – ClickBank, ranked a top 100 internet retailer by Internet Retailer Magazine, has announced the appointment of Edward Katzin as its new CEO.  Katzin has spent over 20 years working at the intersection of financial services, telecommunications, and technology with a focus on building highly-reliable commerce platforms operating at scale.

Mr. Katzin comes to ClickBank from Apple where he was director of global retail payments and geo expansion.  He has held leadership, strategic, and product defining roles for a broad spectrum of companies from Apple and Visa to several successful startups.  In addition to having led technology/business transformations at large and small corporations, he is also an inventor and holds several patents.

“Edward’s leadership and experience are unparalleled,” said Geoffrey Hoyl, chairman of the board for ClickBank.  “He has applied his experience to multiple innovative companies and projects in the fields of payments, e-commerce, high-frequency trading, telecommunications, retail and insurance.  We are excited he is bringing his passion and expertise to the ClickBank team.”

“ClickBank and its world-class team have successfully built a reliable and trusted ecommerce ecosystem for product suppliers, digital marketers and consumers,” said Katzin. “I look forward to working closely with the team to shape and execute new strategies enabling ClickBank to not only maintain its position as a market leader, but also deliver ground-breaking customer experiences through innovation and a continued focus on customer satisfaction.  We will drive ClickBank’s continued growth with the introduction of new products and businesses to the market.  I am also excited about the work our emerging technologies team is doing to develop services enabling contextual conversational commerce.”

About ClickBank
Since 1998, ClickBank has established itself as a top 100 global internet retailer powered by the world’s leading performance marketing platform of digital products.

With 200 million customers, six million platform users and distribution in 190 countries, ClickBank’s powerful e-commerce and mobile ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with an easy to use online marketplace to help them sell their products and services.

ClickBank has been recognized as an industry leader for quality products and compliance in the e-commerce space by working closely with product creators, digital marketers, banks and credit card companies to mitigate risks including fraud and cyber-attacks.

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