Content Round-Up For Week of 2/22

Content Round-Up For Week of 2/22

This week saw some big changes go down in the ad world (we’re looking at you Google) as well as a wealth of information being shared in the content marketing space. If time wasn’t on your side this week lucky for you we have compiled all the good stuff here.  Check out some of the buzz worthy marketing moments for this week in February.

Google and the Case of the Adwords Shuffle

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In a recent update, Google has made moves to remove display ads that populate desktop search results, mainly those on the right side, for many top queries.  This change aims to put the search experience more in line with your mobile display which, you guessed it, doesn’t display ads in that space due to lack of screen real estate.

In order to offset any potential loss of revenue and overall ad space, Google is adding a fourth ad above organic search results, but only for top-line queries.

Read more via MarketingLand right here.

Hubspot’s Guide to Irresistible Blog Titles

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Creating awesome content is the backbone of any great digital marketing strategy, it’s our bread and butter and lucky for you, the business of creating compelling blog post titles just got a little bit easier

Hubspot has put together a great 6-part list that can help marketers of any experience level step up their content marketing game including tips on how to optimize for search and social, nailing the perfect headline length and delivering accurate headlines to match reader’s expectations. Read the full piece here.

Crafting Content, the March Edition

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We are all guilty of getting caught in the brainstorm phase.  When it comes to putting pen to paper and getting cracking on whipping up some great content, it can sometimes seem like every great idea is already taken.  Fear not!  Practical Ecommerce has put together a great resource guide for awesome content marketing ideas for the month of March capitalizing on holidays and leveraging spring cleaning. Get the full rundown here.

But Wait, There’s More!
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Running short on time but still looking for a quick, yet beneficial ways to add value to your content marketing efforts? BostInno has put together a great “recipe” book for cooking up some quick content for marketers in a time crunch. From video ideas to round-ups (hey, like what you’re reading right now) this post has got it all. Check it out here.

Learn From the Best

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Number five we thought we would throw a curve ball your way. Whats better than one piece of great content but a recurring stream of great content brought to you by none other than Mari Smith, the Facebook Business Guru? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Mari’s latest post gives some great info on those of us looking to better connect with your fans on Facebook. Check out the great info she shares on the new updates coming to Facebook Messenger and give her a follow here.

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