Content Marketing Ideas Fall

The last weeks of Summer are quickly fading and ushering in Fall’s cooler days. Along with these changes comes new opportunities to supplement the shift of seasons into your content marketing ideas. From learning from last year’s efforts to back-to-school buzz, September is a month ripe with marketing prospects.

September, a Retrospect

Unless you’re fresh-faced and new to the Internet marketing world, chances are this isn’t your first rodeo. Take a moment to poke around your analytics and re-discover what went well (and perhaps not so well) last year. Did you notice a huge spike in sales on a particular weekend?  Did certain keywords, colors or messaging resonate better than others?

What about mobile? Did a large portion of your traffic come from this source? Perhaps it’s time to take another look at how well optimized you are for mobile traffic.

Consider some of the following:

80% of Internet Users own a Smartphone

Statistics via Smart Insights and MicKinsey & Company

Guides, Walkthroughs and Life-Hacks

Marketing and Customer Service authority Jay Baer said it best, “Stop trying to be amazing and start being useful.” Content marketing is indisputably at its best when it is providing beneficial information to your audiences. 

For the month of September, consider publishing a number of how-to guides that walk readers through a particular task or activity applicable to your industry and niche.

Need some content marketing idea inspiration? Consider some of the following:

  • Three SEO Fixes You Can Employ RIGHT NOW
  • The Top 5 Ways to Do an Email Blast
  • Four Ways to Engage Your Audience Through Your Blog
  • 3 Ways to Make HUGE Profits with Affiliate Programs 

Still left scratching your head? Check out these amazing how-to resources to get even more juices flowing.

Take Your Content Back to School

While Summer hasn’t formally come to a close, classes are officially in session in schools across the country.  Although every industry might not specifically align with academia, content marketers can easily take a page or two from these back-to-school themed ideas all without working too hard.

Impress Your Instructor: A little bit of early brownie points never hurt anyone right? Interact with your audience the same way. Remember to publish content consistently and work to impress them the same way.

Don’t Forget Your Homework: Planning your content marketing strategy right requires you to put in the hard work and do your homework. Did you take a long hard look at your competitors to see what they are doing this year?  Are you up to date with the latest trends? It’s never to late to make small adjustments to your strategy if it paves the way for big wins in the long term.

Obey the School Rules: One of the number one rules of content marketing is providing useful information in a concise and clear manner.  If you are serving up shoddy content, fully of errors and poor advice you’re going to quickly find yourself flunking.  Put in the extra effort to put your best foot forward the first time.

One Big Popularity Contest: We all want to sit at the popular table right? Be home-coming king or queen?  While we all might not achieve that status (and that’s okay!) we can certainly try. Market your content and ideas as if you are the best.  If you speak with authority and have the cold hard facts to back it up, those who run in your circles will start to recognize you as a thought leader and the leads will pour in.

Supporting Content Marketing Idea Success

Do you need a little extra tutoring this semester? Struggling to come up some content marketing ideas? ClickBank has a vast library of resources freely available to you if you need a leg up in the Internet marketing world. Check out some of the valuable links below to make sure you pass with flying colors this September.

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