Client Success Story: Jacob Hiller

Building an online business is no walk in the park! While some claim to have discovered the magical secret to online success, the truth is, becoming successful involves hard work, dedication, and most of all patience.

In our newest blog series, we will be sharing the stories of ClickBank clients who have created successful online businesses. We will talk about how their passions led to an idea, how that idea led to the creation of a product and website, and how ClickBank helped to enable their success.

Our first success story comes from Missouri man, Jacob Hiller. From a very young age Jacob was passionate about wanting to learn to jump higher so he could one day dunk a basketball. This passion followed him all the way to college. After spending a lot of time trying different techniques to determine what worked and didn’t, he finally took the advice of his friends and family. He decided to create an online product sharing the tips and techniques that helped him jump higher.

From his college dorm room, Jacob started creating short YouTube videos to share his knowledge with others. While the video quality wasn’t great, the content was!  People from all over the world were finding their way to Jacob’s YouTube videos, which drove him to create even more content. Jacob knew he was onto something big, but he needed to figure out a way to turn his YouTube success into an actual income.

The answer for Jacob was to create an eBook and website. He designed what he describes as a “very ugly” website and wrote The Jump Manual, a 10-chapter, 80-page eBook that also included instruction videos. Jacob believed in the power of real client testimonials, so he began giving The Jump Manual away for free in exchange for a testimonial.

Initially, Jacob was selling his product through his own PayPal account and was having some success. But as he put it, “this was nothing to write home about”.  After some research, Jacob quickly began to see the potential opportunity for monetary success that ClickBank could offer him.

After adding his product to ClickBank’s platform, Jacob noticed a huge uptick in his sales. Jacob boils down his success with ClickBank to 4 main points:

  1. ClickBank’s Affiliate Network

    Affiliates are looking to promote products that have a high commission rate.  Jacob decided to offer affiliates a 75% commission rate. He believed that the more affiliates he had, the more exposure his product would get, and the more sales he would make.

  2. Attending ClickBank Sponsored Events

    Jacob wanted to make a personal connection with the affiliates who were promoting his product and with the ClickBank Team. He believed that building strong relationships with both ClickBank and his affiliates would help his business to grow.

  3. Providing Affiliate Tools

    Jacob created a page on his website specifically for affiliates. He gave them everything they needed to promote him (resources, graphics, tracking links, email content, and videos). By giving affiliates everything they needed to be successful, he made it an easy choice for them to select his product for promotion.

  4. Being Available

    Jacob wanted his affiliates to succeed, and he was determined to make the process easy for them. He asked affiliates to reach out to him with any questions they had.  And he always made himself available to help them succeed.

Jacobs’s efforts to gain traction with ClickBank’s affiliates were a big success.  His product gained so much exposure it eventually caught the attention of ESPN, Men’s Health, and Sports Illustrated.

Since 2008, Jacob has sold over 69,000 copies of his product totaling over $2.5 million in sales. ClickBank has given Jacob and his wife Kalli the opportunity to live out their dreams. In the last 5 years Jacob and Kalli have lived in over 33 countries, all while running their business from a laptop. Jacob found huge success with ClickBank, and we hope that you will too. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction and the confidence to make the first jump!

To learn more about Jacob and his wife Kalli please visit their blog.