ClickBank Wordle

Posted by: Greg Lems, Director of Application Development

Have you heard of a Wordle before? A Wordle is a visual representation of words contained within Web content. Words used more often appear larger. When you create a Wordle of Clickbank’s Blog, here’s what you get (click to view the full-sized image):

We’ve been doing our company blog for several months now and I think this Wordle tells us some interesting things about what we’re trying to accomplish at Clickbank. Some of the words that jump out at me (besides the obvious “Clickbank”):

Products and Business – Of course we’re in the business of selling products, but a quick look at other words nearby show “information,” “computer,” and “digitally,” which highlight the unique nature of the products we sell compared to other affiliate networks. “Sales,” “purchase,” “publisher,” and “affiliate” are also critical components of ClickBank’s business, so it was good to see that we address them frequently.

Can – I like that “can” is a big word here. If you’ve got an idea-any idea-for a digital product that you want to sell on the Internet, we say “YES YOU CAN” (to paraphrase a currently popular politician and/or Bob the Builder). As long as it complies with the ClickBank client contract, of course.

Data and Transaction – We’ve spent a lot of time and effort over the past couple of years enhancing our systems and infrastructure to be more reliable and dependable. We want our publishers and affiliates to know that the technology infrastructure at ClickBank is rock solid, and that each and every order transaction is of the utmost importance to ClickBank.

While realizing that the Wordle is just a fun little widget, we had a good time at the ClickBank offices analyzing its contents. Since ClickBank is a pretty unusual business model and can be difficult to explain to outsiders, it was interesting to see how we describe ourselves to the outside world. At the very least, it was a good way to make sure we’re talking about the topics that are most important to us. Try running Wordle on your blog, and see what message you’re sending to the world!