ClickBank Refund Policy and Consumer Refunds

This past week, we announced, through a blog post and emails to vendors, an update to the ClickBank refund policy and vendor fees.  As a result, there have been questions regarding consumers who may abuse the ClickBank refund policy that we would like to take a moment to address.

Protecting ClickBank client sales is a top priority, and cracking down on consumers who may abuse the ClickBank refund policy represents a significant portion of our recent efforts to reduce refunds and chargebacks. We have and will continue to actively monitor and block consumer purchases that abuse our ClickBank Return and Cancellation Policy. On a daily basis, we review consumer behavior for refund and chargeback history, block purchases from consumers who have a record of frequent refunds or chargebacks and blacklist consumers who we’ve identified as policy abusers. We do this to ensure that the refund and chargeback rates for ClickBank clients’ products accurately reflect the product and promotions, and are not the result of problem consumers. On the whole, “serial refunders” make up a small percentage of all refunds.

ClickBank clients who act as consumers by purchasing products from other ClickBank clients are also subject to this policy, in addition to the Client Contract. ClickBank clients who abuse the refund policy may be subject to corrective action in accordance with the Client Contract.

As part of our efforts to help clients lower refund and chargeback rates, and in addition to best practices outlined in our updated promotional guidelines (e.g., no blind offers) and other tips available on our blog, we have been trialing additional features through our beta program including:

  • Exclusive Affiliate Whitelists — Vendors can utilize exclusive whitelists to select which affiliates are permitted to drive traffic to their site to eliminate problem affiliates.
  • Affiliate Blacklisting – Vendors can request that specific abusive affiliate accounts be added to a blacklist, prohibiting the abusive account from driving traffic to their site.
  • Partial Refunds – This will allow a vendor to determine the percentage of a refund to grant to a consumer, based on their business rules.
  • Digital Rights Management for eBooks – New technology that will allow a vendor to revoke access to their digital product if the consumer requests a refund.

We anticipate these new features will help vendors to manage refund rates as well as improving the consumer experience. We will continue to communicate the availability of these features as they are released from beta.

We’re committed to supporting both our clients and consumers, and ensuring refunds and chargebacks are kept at reasonable low rates is the responsibility of clients, consumers and ClickBank. We are committed to working together to make sure this industry remains profitable and viable for a long time to come.