ClickBank Insights. Coming Soon to Your Dashboard?

Over the past couple of months, an elite group of ClickBank marketers have been using ClickBank Insights, currently in Beta, to capture 30-50% MORE REVENUE, consistently achieve double-digit conversion rates and earn more from every marketing dollar.

But wait… there’s a catch.

These marketers have access to information only available to a small percentage of ClickBank clients. But next week, that’s all about to change. Because we don’t think it’s fair for just an elite few to have all of the fun (and make all of the money) we decided to roll this feature out to MANY MORE ClickBank Clients. Want to know what ClickBank Insights is all about?

Watch this video . . .

How will I know if I have access to ClickBank Insights?

ClickBank Insights is automatically displayed in accounts of vendors and affiliates that have achieved a minimum number of sales. You may see recommendations by vendor or affiliate activity, or both on your dashboard depending on your sales history.

Don’t see ClickBank Insights inside your account?

To maximize the feature’s effectiveness and ensure that it is really truly useful and valuable to your business, you’ve got to first make some sales. Not there yet? Don’t worry! ClickBank Insights gives you something to aspire to. Keep working hard, making those sales, and before you know it, you too will see ClickBank Insights in your account and can benefit from the recommendations.

Want to see if you’re one of the few with access to the feature RIGHT NOW?

We thought you might :). Simply log in to your ClickBank account, and if you are a qualifying vendor or affiliate, ClickBank Insights will automatically be displayed on your dashboard. We’re talking customized recommendations for you and your business, and endless opportunities. Check it out and start reaping the rewards now.