ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 2: ClickBank Tools You May Have Missed

ClickBank Insider RadioWe’re back with a new episode of ClickBank Insider Radio, and once again it’s packed with under the radar tips to help you grow your ClickBank business!

ClickBank is constantly creating new tools and features for our vendors and affiliates, but it can be tough to keep up on all the new resources available to you, or to understand how to get the most out of them. In this episode, hosts Beau Blackwell and Molly Lane share insider information on some of the best features ClickBank has ever released, and how they can create new growth and opportunities for your Internet marketing business. You’ll learn about:

  • JV (Joint Venture) contracts, and how they can enable totally new ways for you and your partners to make money with ClickBank
    • How the Upsell JV Contract can earn you more money from each customer- without even needing to have multiple products of your own
    • How the Affiliate Referral Contract can help you exponentially grow your network of affiliates, or earn you money as a JV broker just by introducing people
    • The Affiliate JV Contract, and how it lets affiliates partner more effectively than ever before
  • How to customize the ClickBank Order Form, resulting in increased conversions and better branding for your business
  • The ClickBank Affiliate Whitelist, and how it can protect your brand while still letting you leverage the marketing power of our affiliate network
  • Amazing opportunities for making money on a global scale, with ClickBank’s Global Bestseller Program and support for 31 currencies and 6 languages
  • The incredible networking and educational opportunities coming up this August in New York City, at ClickBank Exchange 2012!

No matter how new or established your ClickBank business may be, this episode could be just the boost you need to take your ClickBank earnings to the next level!


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