ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 19: Lindsay Hunt on Conversions

In this episode I sit down with fellow ClickBanker and conversion expert Lindsay Hunt to pick her brain on what website owners should be doing RIGHT NOW to increase Pitch Page conversions. Lindsay is a valuable ClickBank resource relied upon by top ClickBank clients for her advice and expertise.

In this interview, Lindsay shares her extensive conversion experience over the years working with companies of various sizes operating across many different verticals. Tune in while she shares best practices, tips and trends that may change the way you look at your Pitch Page.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The REAL meaning of “conversions” an how it impacts your business
  • Why social media may be hurting your sales page
  • How pricing your product can make or break your conversion rate
  • The biggest conversion mistake most people make and how to avoid it
  • The latest conversion trends that can help you earn more
  • The one principle to keep in mind that can make a different for your business
  • And much more!

Listen to this episode for the latest in conversion tips, tricks and techniques that really work. Lindsay’s advice is the real deal. If you’ve been struggling with website conversions, or, if you want to learn how to earn more simply by changing a few things on your site, do not miss this episode!

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