ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 11: Kevin Rogers on Copywriting

ClickBank Insider RadioIn this fantastic episode of ClickBank Insider Radio, Molly and I interview Kevin Rogers, one of the top copywriters in the infoproduct business. You’ll hear how Kevin went from being a dead broke stand up comedian to writing the sales letters for some of the biggest products in ClickBank’s history!

Copywriting is one of the most critical skills needed to be successful as an infopreneur, but can also be one of the scariest and most challenging to learn. Kevin helps take the mystery and angst out of copywriting, and shows you how to quickly develop your “hook” and get your copy written in a snap! If you’ve struggled with writing copy or figuring out what makes your product, blog or personal brand unique, this is the episode for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to properly incorporate humor into your copy
  • The power of a copywriting formula, and how it can make your life easier
  • Kevin’s killer KLT (Know, Like, Trust) formula, the simplest way to introduce yourself to an audience
  • Several examples of exactly how to put the KLT formula into action, no matter what your niche
  • Kevin’s views on text vs video sales letters, and when to use each
  • The huge importance of testing your product or campaign

Kevin normally commands five figures or more per copywriting project, but you get his amazing advice for free! Don’t miss out on this episode.


More from Kevin:

  • Keep Ken Strong – Mentioned in the show, this is a course on video sales letters featuring Kevin and many other top copywriters. It’s a steal at only $27, and the money goes to a great cause!
  • The Conversion Kings – Kevin’s blog with his copywriting partner Ben Johnson. Lots of great tips and thoughts from Kevin and Ben.

Other ways to listen:

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