ClickBank 3.0—What’s New?

So, you’ve probably heard about 3.0 by now… but have you experienced all the new features yet? With the web continuously evolving, we knew ClickBank had to as well in order to help digital entrepreneurs worldwide reach their goals. ClickBank 3.0 showcases nine new game-changing features that will lead to more customers, higher conversion rates, more affiliates, more exposure, and less refunds. Our platform enables virtually anyone to be an entrepreneur.

New Website

With an improved platform, we needed to create a new face for our website. The new helps entrepreneurs quickly sign up for a ClickBank account and see the many ways ClickBank can help them successfully start and grow their own business online. With the new Featured Clients section, you can see how others have achieved their financial goals through our platform.

ClickBank University

ClickBank University is our newly formed educational platform for digital entrepreneurs. It is designed to provide all of the information needed to build an online business and reach financial goals. Taught by industry experts, ClickBank University demonstrates step-by-step ways to build your business from people who have already succeeded. In addition, you will soon be able to make money as an affiliate by promoting ClickBank University to your audience.


Pytch is our new mobile offering that allows affiliates and app developers to easily promote ClickBank products to their customers through mobile app advertising. Through Pytch, you can reach even more customers through this new mobile ad platform and earn more on each sale as an affiliate by promoting targeted ClickBank products through in-app advertisements.

New Features

You asked for it and we listened. ClickBank 3.0 comes with nine new features like an advanced custom order form, an affiliate finder, express checkout, an dynamic billing descriptor, Pytch which allows mobile advertising, a subscription manager to help retain and reengage customers, automatic upsells that recommends other products at checkout, ClickBank Platinum for successful clients, and ClickBank University that shows you how to be successful on ClickBank.

ClickBank 3.0 will make it easier and more profitable than ever to build your digital empire. It’s time to make a difference in your future. Become a successful digital entrepreneur today. See what the hype is all about here.