Best Practices in Selecting Ad Networks

Curious about the best practices in selecting ad networks? Read on to find out more.

No doubt that driving traffic is expensive. CPM rates for display ads across networks are going up, from an average of $2.80 this year to $4.70 or more by 2017, according to studies including MonetizePros.

Facebook CPM

Facebook CPMs, as shown above, can be high but may have good ROI and conversions depending on the industry.

If you’re looking for ad networks, here are few things to keep in mind in addition to making sure the network adheres to the highest standards and complies with state and federal policies:

  • Network audience. Choose a network that targets your audience. If you’re promoting a health and fitness product, it’s best to go with a network that caters to diet- and health-conscious consumers.
  • Ad format and positioning. Where and when your audience sees the ad is key. Certain retailers will allow ads to be placed alongside products or at key buying stages, such as the checkout or payment page.
  • Self-Service or Support. Depending on your experience as an affiliate marketer, you may need some help. Networks offer one form of customer support or another – find one that offers the level of engagement and help you need.
  • Strong reporting. The success of your ad campaigns in part will depend on metrics that will help you determine things like who is seeing your ads and who is clicking on them. Standard reporting will tell you websites that generated the highest level of impressions. Great reporting gets more granular, telling you demographics on who is clicking on your ads and the sites they visit.
  • Campaign test. Before spending a lot of money on a big campaign, try running a small test campaign on a broad audience with one or two attributes. Then expand the campaign when you’re seeing results.

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