6 Best Ecommerce Affiliate Programs on ClickBank: High Converters for the 2022 Holidays!

This year, ClickBank has put together a list of the best ecommerce affiliate programs on ClickBank to help you get through the holidays.


Well, here at ClickBank, we know all too well what effect the holidays have on our pocketbooks. Expenses go up as you buy gifts, host parties, and heat your home in the winter. Even worse, for many of our affiliates, the holidays also mean reduced revenue, because those top ClickBank offers don’t convert like they do the rest of the year!

One reason is because people stop buying for themselves this time of year. This is why we see health and PD really suffer during the holidays. At the same time, though, consumer buying hits a peak every holiday season.

So, it isn’t that people aren’t buying things – they just aren’t buying what you might normally sell the rest of the year!

What to do about it?

Far too often, I see affiliates turn down or shut off campaigns, stop their mailing frequency, and essentially give up on the November and December months.

But not this year…

This time around, you’ll have a secret weapon in 6 high-converting e-comm style offers that are positioned to crush it during the holiday season. These ecommerce affiliate offers are the perfect solution when health offers stop converting during the holidays.

6 Best Ecommerce Affiliate Programs for the Holidays

1) Oliver the Ornament

Category: Education – K-12
ClickBank Nickname: oto20

Oliver the Ornament

This digital children’s Christmas book collection has multiple landers so it can be promoted to multiple audiences. Best of all, it has a unique hook that’s perfectly suited for conservative audiences. This book was selected by the former First Lady Melania Trump to be read in front of the national children’s hospital for Christmas.

This will be the 4th year in a row that she has read a new book, and now you can sell the whole collection to your Trump-loving audiences. This is the children’s book Melania wants conservative families to read this year!

There are swipes and creative for any list where you are talking to parents and grandparents… Learn more on their tools page below!

Affiliate Tools Page = https://store.oliverdoodledandy.com/affiliate-program/
Vendor Contact = oliver@oliverdoodledandy.com

Check out their landing page here.

2) Bullibone

Category: Home & Garden – Animal Care & Pets
ClickBank Nickname: bullibone


The pet products industry exceeded $90 billion in total spend for the year back in 2019, and it’s continued to grow ever since. Dogs as a niche are a wide blue ocean and can work on ANY list, because about 40% of all Americans own at least 1 dog as a pet.

Bullibone is an American-made, safe, and simple dog toy that engages the prey instinct of your dog, providing endless hours of entertainment for you and your pup. Featuring the slogan “Bored Dogs are Bad Dogs,” this offer has the making of a big-time winner!

You can check out their landing page or get in touch with Trevor to find out more.

EPC = $0.02
APV =  $13.41

Affiliate Tools Page = n/a
Vendor Contact = trevor@bullibone.com

Check out their landing page here.

3) Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs

Category: Home & Garden – Animal Care & Pets
ClickBank Nickname: puplabs

Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs
Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs

Christmas with toys is fun, but treats are even better – and ClickBank has the holiday treat for you!

Fresh Breathies from Pup Labs was the very FIRST pet supplement ever offered on ClickBank, and it’s delivering. Right now, the product is seeing a great AOV and impressive conversions!

The product itself is a treat your dog consumes daily. It can improve their health, mood, and of course, how much they like their owner – because who doesn’t appreciate a daily treat?

Since Fresh Breathies is a supplement, it does great on any supplement list and has one of the larger commissions you can get on this list! If you have any experience promoting some of ClickBank’s top weight loss or dietary supplement offers, be sure to add Fresh Breathies to your rotation.

EPC = $0.08
APV =  $74.38

Affiliate Tools Page = https://getpuplabs.com/aff/
Vendor Contact = petert@puplabs.com

Check out their landing page here.

4) Smart Trump Card

Category: Politics / Current Events – General
ClickBank Nickname: ebsltd

Smart Trump Card
Smart Trump Card

Trump products continue to sell really well, so this Trump Smart Card offer will make an amazing gift to the MAGA lover in your family. These buyers are dedicated, passionate, and willing to buy a lot of Trump products.

That makes Trump cards and bucks a great way to support yourself during the holidays, because they convert very well and have large AOV’s. Be sure to take advantage of the easy money while it is still there!

NOTE: The Trump Smart Card offer we’ve included here is just one of a few different popular Trump offers worth a look in the ClickBank marketplace!

EPC = $2.36
APV =  $254.07
Hop Conversion Rate = 0.93%
Affiliate Commission = 64%

Affiliate Tools Page = n/a
Vendor Contact = info@trumpification.org

Check out their landing page here.

5) Etee Wraps

Category: Green Products
ClickBank Nickname: etee1

Etee Wraps
Etee Wraps

Etee wraps are reusable and organic wraps for preserving food. These food wraps are designed to replace plastic wraps and plastic bags in the kitchen, which means they’re greener and more “earth-friendly” than traditional products.

Etee Wraps should be easy to promote if you have an audience interested in

This converts well to cold traffic and provides a range of options to maximize average order value (and as a result, your payout!). You’ll also get plenty of email creatives, banner images, and even testimonials you can pull from for your campaigns. Click below to learn more!

EPC = n/a
APV = $10.11

Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.shopetee.com/pages/affiliate-portal
Vendor Contact = jamil@shopetee.com

Check out their landing page here.

6) Totally Bangin Tan

Category: Beauty
ClickBank Nickname: turboinc

Totally Bangin Tan
Totally Bangin Tan

Totally Bangin Tan by Turbo Babe™ is the perfect offer for these cold winter months! Their custom formulated self tanners and skincare products are made for 30+ skin. This offer works great for any health or beauty list.

The team behind Totally Bangin Tan offers 50% commissions throughout the entire funnel, and they’re willing to discuss a commission bump for large volume affiliates. Currently, their best sellers are Totally Banging Tan (3 bottles) and Happy Face Tan serum – and their newest products, Happy Neck and Happy HA3, are launching mid-December 2022.

You can find out more below! 

EPC = $0.60
APV = $61.48

Affiliate Tools Page = https://totallybangintan.com/affiliates/
Vendor Contact = affiliates@turbobabelifestyle.com

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “ecommerce affiliate programs?”

I know, the term “ecommerce affiliate program” can be a bit confusing!

But we’re just talking about the kinds of affiliate products on ClickBank that feel more like a traditional ecommerce purchase, as opposed to the usual direct response-style affiliate offer with an aggressive funnel.

These offers are more in line with what sells during Q4 for the holidays – and are also easier to promote to audiences as holiday gifts they can give to their friends and family.

Why don’t all of these ecommerce affiliate products have metrics like the usual top ClickBank offers do?

Many of these ecommerce offers are new to ClickBank, so they haven’t all had time to build up a long track record.

But if you’re interested in testing out some up-and-coming offers that may be a good fit for your audience, give these a try!

Top Ecommerce Affiliate Products Wrap-up

It’s only natural to want to pull back on marketing spend in Q4 when you’re competing with the biggest brands in the world for holiday sales.

But hopefully, this list of top ecommerce offers gives you a few ideas for products you can still promote right now!

Of course, these are just a few of the hot offers available on ClickBank. If you want to find even more potential affiliate offers to promote – either now or as the new year goes into full swing – then check out these top products in popular ClickBank niches:

Again, we hope this list of ecomm products to promote was helpful! Go give them a try now, and we’ll see you around the ClickBank marketplace.