Apply to Participate in ClickBank’s Ad Platform Pilot!

Over the past few months, ClickBank has been developing an innovative advertising platform that will help ClickBank affiliates make more money from their Web site or blog traffic, while at the same time generating more exposure and sales for ClickBank publishers.

Here’s why you should participate:

  • Because of generous commissions, placing ClickBank ads on your site means you can receive much larger payouts than from traditional pay-per-click or display ads
  • Quick and easy ad creation and insertion process
  • Ad filtering lets you only display ads that are relevant and appropriate to your Web site’s audience
  • Highly customizable ad layouts and formats can be easily integrated into all kinds of sites, including blogs, forums and more

Update: The ClickBank HopAd Builder is now available to everyone! To learn how to use it, see our Help Center article: