Announcing Support for New Integration; ClickBank + InfusionSoft

Announcing Support for New Integration; ClickBank + InfusionSoft

ClickBank Integration Partner Highlight : Parsey

Parsey has teamed up with ClickBank, allowing ClickBank Vendors to easily integrate with Infusionsoft

What does this Integration Do?
We are very excited to announce that ClickBank vendors can now easily push their customer and order information into their Infustionsoft CRM immediately after a ClickBank transaction has been completed.

This integration will automatically push the Customer Contact Information and Order Information from ClickBank into the Vendor’s Infusionsoft CRM account when ever a new order is created in ClickBank. It also updates Contact Records and Order Records on other transaction types: Rebill, Cancel Rebill, Un-Cancel Rebill, Refund and Chargeback.

In addition to data entry, Parsey also triggers automation by completing API Goals inside Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder, or you can have Parsey run the appropriate legacy Action Sets in Infusionsoft as well. Fulfillment and upsell campaigns get put on full auto-pilot.

Ex: Organifi & other ClickBank premier vendors uses Parsey to gather and organize all their customer and order information from Clickbank into their Infusionsoft CRM and they they have automated the entire workflow to promote their backend offers and keep in touch with their customers.

Interested? Wanted to learn more about this integration?
Learn all about this new integration, complete with video right here.

Please direct any questions regarding this integration to Parsey is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and can help you get set up with a new Infusionsoft account if needed.

Not using Infusionsoft? Using another CRM or Email Service Provider and wish they were integrated with ClickBank?
You are in luck! Parsey is looking to integrate ClickBank with Zapier if the demand is high enough. Zapier is a service that connects the applications you already use by sending information from one application to another. Example: With this future integration in place, you’d be able to automatically add all of the customers who purchase your product on ClickBank to your email list in Active Campaign, Maropost, iContact, Constant Contact or just about any other application. You can see all the applications in Zappier directory here.

If you would like Parsey to develop an integration between ClickBank and Zapier, please email the Parsey team to express your interest in this integration and your commitment to use it once they have it ready. You can contact them here Please put “Zapier Integration” in the subject line.’