Affiliate Summit West Wrap-Up


Affiliate Summit West Wrap-Up

This year’s Affiliate Summit West has officially come to a close. We were beyond thrilled with the attendance to this year’s sold out show. From brilliant keynote speakers like AppSumo’s Noah Kagan, to affiliate masterminds like Tricia Meyer (who picked up this year’s ‘Affiliate of the Year’ award). The three-day show was jam packed with networking opportunities as more affiliates and marketers turn their heads to the future of online marketing.

The Future is Mobile

The buzz around this year’s show was all about mobile. 2014 saw the growth of mobile commerce far outpace that of traditional e-commerce and in 2015 mobile traffic is positioned to surpass that of its desktop counterpart.

If affiliates want to remain relevant they will need to make sure they are staying on top of these shifting trends. From ads on mobile browsers to ads within mobile games, opportunities for affiliates continue to present themselves with every new permutation of technology.

Keynote Speaker, Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan, formerly of Facebook and now of AppSumo, gave his keynote speech on the value of affiliates investing in real connections. The cornerstone of Kagan’s speech, “Are your relationships in black and white, or full color?” challenged those listening to think about how they both make and foster their professional relationships.

To illustrate his point, Nathan gave out a portion of his speaker’s fee ($10 to everyone in attendance) and challenged them to use this small sum of money to create new relationships that could be leveraged in their professional endeavors. So what’s the big take-away here?

Lasting relationships can be created worth more than the assets you initially pour into them.

ClickBank at Affiliate Summit West

We had a blast getting to meet everyone that stopped by our booth during ASW. Within these three days we got a chance to chat with both new and existing customers, sit down with women’s fitness guru Andrea Albright (full interview soon to come so keep your eyes peeled) and wine and dine some of our premiere clients at the Hyde Bellagio.

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots from our time at Affiliate Summit West:

photo 2
Account Manager Jared chatting with an ASW attendee.
photo 1
Big thanks to ClickBank design aficionado Mike Mayo for creating such a dynamic space for this year’s Affiliate Summit .


We were thrilled that two of our top-performing Brazillian clients, Aline and Cassiano were able to stop by for a quick photo with ClickBank Vice President of Marketing Corey Davis.
clickbank swag
ClickBank had some awesome fitness related swag to hand out to those who stopped by our booth.


clickbank 5
ClickBank Accounts Manager Allison smiles for the camera with an affiliate at ASW.


Andrea Albright takes a moment to pose next to her banner in our booth.