8 Ways to Increase Pitch Page Conversions (Part 2)

(This is part 2 of a 2 part post. To catch up on part 1, click here.)

This post was written by Lindsay Hunt, Product Manager for ClickBank

Here are four more ways you can increase conversions on your pitch page:

5. Layout/Design

A pitch page that isn’t well thought out can lead to a page that’s confusing and difficult to navigate. There are a few common layout and design mistakes we see on pitch pages:

  • Inconsistent use of fonts – Pick one or two fonts and use these consistently throughout the page. Try using a different font for headlines to make them stand out from the rest of the text, but don’t mix and match too many styles. Make sure to also be consistent with font sizes. Body text should all be the same size and it’s best to use consistent sizes for headlines, too.
  • Too many colors – Overloading your page with too many colors creates visual confusion for visitors. Be consistent with the colors you use for links, headlines and text and pick colors that match. If you’re having trouble coming up with a color pallet, use a tool like Adobe’s Kuler that has hundreds of preconfigured color combinations.
  • Eye tracking problems – Eye tracking studies show that users read websites in a f-shaped pattern. Organizing your content around this can help provide the right information in the right places. Make sure your text has the same alignment (don’t center one paragraph and right align the next) and leave enough white space so the content is easily readable.

Take Action:

Look through your pitch page and see if you can find any inconsistencies in the design and layout. Do your colors match your brand? Is there anything that’s hard to read? Consider making changes accordingly.

6. Visuals

Videos and images help visitors gain a better understanding of your product and add variety to the structure and content of your page.

When adding visual elements to your page, make sure they fit in with your message and add value instead of just taking up space.

Sample images, before/after photos and video demonstrations further explain the benefits and features of your product. If you use videos, make sure you also include important information in text. Not everyone wants to watch a video so include the message in text, too.

Take Action:

Can you add more visual content to your pitch page? Are your visuals relevant? Do they highlight the benefits and features of your product?

7. Social Proof

People are more likely to buy if they see believable social proof that others have purchased a product and benefited from it.

Adding testimonials to your page increases confidence and improves conversion.

Testimonials should be specific and should highlight the key benefits and features of your product. Adding names, pictures and specific details adds credibility to your testimonials.

Take Action:

Read through your testimonials and see if there are any aspects of your product that aren’t highlighted. Consider reaching out to past customers and ask for testimonials to add to your page.

8. Pricing/Offer

Visitors need to know how much your product costs before making a purchase decision. Don’t disguise or hide the price on your page. It works best to display the price clearly near your call to action button so a visitor understands what to expect on the order form.

Take Action:

Is your price clearly displayed near your call to action buttons?

Spend some time analyzing your pitch page in each of the eight categories in part one and two of this blog series. If you’re too familiar with your own site and are unable to look at it objectively, it might help to have someone else provide objective feedback. Your page will never be perfect, but if you keep looking at your page with a critical eye, you can continue to refine it and improve your conversion along the way.