6 Out of the Box Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is ubiquitous with marketing. It’s how you find the people who are willing to be sold to. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your lead generation tactics, read of for six out of the box lead generation strategies.

Lead generation is essential sales process. Great lead generation helps stimulate and capture interest in your product or service. Typically, lead generation tactics are done digitally, meaning they are constantly changing due to ever-evolving web. The buying process has changed drastically over the past 10 years and marketers need to find new and better ways to reach buyers and make themselves heard through all the clutter and noise.

Buyers are now ignoring mass marketing and researching what they want to learn on their own and it’s up to you to break through that noise. These 6 untraditional lead generation tactics will definitely make a mark with your customers:

1. Create an Infographic

The best part of an infographic (besides its visual appeal and useful info) is that it can speak directly to a trend or a current event. For example, say you’re a record label that is trying to promote a new hit song that has a trendy dance routine (i.e. Gangnam Style). A fun infographic teaching your customers how to do that particular dance move could potentially go viral. Or maybe your company sells gardening tools. Publishing an infographic around Earth Day showcasing how to plant a beautiful garden would be a huge hit among your target audience. Human brains are drawn to visuals and an infographic could be a great way to provide information in a non-intrusive way.

2. Create Interesting Blog Posts

A blog is a great way to provide valuable information to your customers. Many smart businesses utilize blog posts to answer lingering questions customers may have. For example, a blog for a home improvement store might use a blog to help customers out with quirky DIY projects like how to start a cactus garden on your apartment’s balcony.

Because buyers are so bogged down by the noise and clutter of advertising, they are seeking out information on their own. By becoming an interesting content resource for your customers that helps address problems they have, you are giving them what they want in a way they can easily digest.

3. Use Attention Grabbing Images

Humans are naturally visual people. Our attention is often captured by a cool image or quirky meme. Custom images can draw attention to your customers and social media followers, enticing them to click on your call to action.

A custom image sets you out from the crowd. Don’t bore your customers with the stock images they see everywhere. A meme can also add a note of entertainment and humor to your content. You have the opportunity to be super creative with your meme, adding extra fun and engagement on social media.

4. Give Guerilla Marketing a Go

Guerilla marketing is basically a form of low-cost marketing that uses unconventional approaches to leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees it. Guerilla marketing can range from putting fliers up around your neighborhood to handing out t-shirts to hosting a large scale event.

Guerilla marketing is meant to be disruptive and attention-grabbing, causing a break in the noise that buyers see every day. Since guerilla marketing is so high energy and focuses a lot on creative marketing, it stirs up conversation between customers and journalists alike.

5. Don’t Dismiss Phone Calls

While it’s true that phone calls were used to identify qualified leads in the past and aren’t as common in today’s practices, they shouldn’t be completely ruled out. Today, companies will still call prospects that show some level of interest. Of course, this doesn’t work for every product or service on the market, but sometimes a good ole fashioned phone call is just want a customer needs to have a value proposition highlighted or to learn more about an event. A phone call can work as a nurturing and engaging process and can be used in a non-intrusive way.

6. Offer Webinars

Webinars are incredible resources for any company offering products or services that require any level of instruction or guidance. An online presentation helps raise awareness of your product and service and can help you find more potential clients. We’ve learned that buyers are getting really great at tuning out the type of advertising they don’t want to hear, so when you offer them a resource to use when they’re ready, it’s a win-win situation. A webinar can be a great educational resource that reaches a wide geographic audience while establishing credibility to your brand.