5 Last Minute Gifts for the Affiliate Marketer in Your Life

If you know an affiliate marketer, it’s likely that they may talk about affiliate marketing… a lot. There’s no better way to say, “I hear you loud and clear and I think you might be obsessed” than to support their new found passion. Read on to find the best last minute gifts for the affiliate marketer in your life. 

Blue Light Glasses 

People have known about the harmful effects of blue light for the past few years but it’s only been recent that mainstream companies like Warby Parker have broken into the blue light filtering glasses industry. 

As an increasing number of people find their careers in technology, eye protection will be as necessary to the occupation as a decent chair (see gift no. 4) or standing desk. Affiliate marketers know better than anyone how many hours it takes in front of a screen to make progress.

All of that time at the computer can have adverse consequences on sleep, and even cause diseases down the road, according to a study done by Harvard Medical School:

“Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. Even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion… Light at night is part of the reason so many people don’t get enough sleep… researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.”

To help the affiliate marketer in your life maintain their health and zzzs, get them a pair of stylish blue light glasses for their time at the screen.

Price: $50+ 

Surrounded by Idiots 

Even though affiliate marketing can be done successfully from literally any remote location, affiliates still need to know how to communicate with their peers and mentors. 

Affiliate marketing, like any industry, is full of all sorts of personality types. Some may notice that it, at times, can tend to draw some particularly… self-interested ones. For example, famed self-help book The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris, is oftentimes referenced as motivation for affiliates.

(If you’re not familiar with the book, the New York Times describes it this way: “The vibe is: I’m Superbad, bro, and I have dimples. You’re a mole person who, if you become an angel investor in my books, might someday touch the hem of my Speedo.”) 

Knowing this, you can imagine the kind of headwinds someone (a woman perhaps) might be facing when trying to work in the industry. 

For your affiliate marketing friend who may fall on the “mild” side of the “Big Personality” scale, we suggest the book Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behavior and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life)

Not only is it useful in navigating an industry rife with bros, having it on their bookshelf will make them appear cool, calm, and pompous as heck (in an informed way).

Price: $27.99 for the hardcover edition 

A Subscription to Voluum

Affiliate marketing is a lot like Clue

If you’ve recently partook in solving the thrilling board game mystery, then you understand the painstaking process of elimination you must go through to get to the bottom of who, what, and where.

True, when it comes to affiliate marketing, the whole game doesn’t end with a murder allegation. However, the absolute chaos-fest of trying to understand what’s working and what’s not requires just as much tracking, ticking, and thinking. 

To help your affiliate marketer crack the case on their ad campaigns, we recommend getting them a subscription to Voluum, the best ad tracker in the business. 

Not only does Voluum look, feel, and operate like a highly-designed ad tracking machine, it’s backed by an extraordinary customer service team and automatic campaign migration from any old trackers an affiliate may be using. 

Nothing will make the affiliate marketer in your life happier. Well, except higher commission rates. 

Price: As low as $64/month

 Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Aeron 

If you or any affiliate marketers you love and care for are working from home right now, then it’s likely they are either: 

a) Crunched up in a kitchen chair, lamenting the loss of feeling in their left leg 
b) In bed, trying to log into ClickBank, with their phone precariously positioned over their face 
c) Sitting on a stack of pillows, cross legged, on the floor of the living room, with one arm swatting the cat away
d) A never-ending cycle of a, b, and c 

Take pity on this poor affiliate marketer and get them a good chair. Seriously. A good chair will change your life. We recommend the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Aeron. It’s everything you could want, and more, in a chair designed for working at a desk. The specs on this thing read like a race car, except with a promise of environmental advocacy.

Help the affiliate marketer in your life improve their posture with an ergonomically designed work throne. 

Price: $1,395, but you can shop around for lower prices

A Subscription to Spark

Eighty percent of new ClickBank sign ups are new affiliates who, we’ll be honest, need a little bit of help figuring out the ropes. Affiliate marketing, like all worthwhile things, has a learning curve so it makes sense that everyone who wants to do it might have to invest in education before they can get good at it.

If you know an affiliate or an aspiring affiliate who could benefit from a little boost, we recommend gifting them a subscription to Spark. Spark is the only ClickBank endorsed learning platform that starts with the foundations and builds from there. With over seventy unique and easy-to-follow tutorial videos, Spark lets students learn at their own pace and put their new skills into actual use. 

Imagine if someone you loved was trying to learn to play the trumpet without lessons. Nobody’s happy and they likely give up before they even learn to play. The same goes for affiliate marketing. When you empower an affiliate marketer (or a trumpet player), you empower the world through their success. 

Price: As low $37/month