5 Content Marketing Ideas for May

May has a plethora of great holidays to capitalize on from a content marketing perspective. In addition to the value that piggybacking on a holiday provides, there are also a number of up and coming trends made light by the 2015 eShopper Index that can aid in ecommerce content marketing.

If your business can reap the rewards of engaging content, captivating blog posts, dynamic photos or videos then look no further than the five idea starters below.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is consistently misrepresented as being Mexico’s Independence Day. Take this opportunity to both inform and provide some great content in the process.

Outside of providing a little bit of cultural insight, consider tying a product release around the date. While this is of course nothing earth shattering, looping in a relevant holiday to a relevant product is a nice way to generate a lot of organic buzz.

taco bell

Taco Bell is sponging off the upcoming holiday to get the word out about their latest hot sauce. While this connection to the holiday is rather overt, creating a more subtle connection can be just as effective.

Mother’s Day

In the United States and the majority of other countries around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year’s Mother’s Day falls on May 10th.

Content marketing ideas around Mother’s Day can encompass several different activities and involve plenty of different industries. Almost every niche can find a way to spin a product around Mother’s Day.

  • Craft retailer: Generating how to articles on Mother’s Day crafts. From cards to small handmade goods, there is a surplus of ideas waiting to be tapped into. Martha Stewart has capitalized on this way of targeting the holiday.


  • Food & Beverage: According to the National Restaurant Association, dining out is consistently the most popular activity on Mother’s Day with 55% of people who celebrate choosing to go out to dinner. If you are in the restaurant industry consider advertising:
  • A kid-friendly atmosphere
  • Special discounts for women (drinks, food, dessert)
  • Gift-card incentives

Notable Mention: Floral specialist Fleurop nailed their Mother’s Day advertising with their “It’s time to forgive her” campaign.


Memorial Day

Research has shown that Memorial Day interest doesn’t pick up until a few days before the holiday unlike other patriotic holidays like Fourth of July or Labor Day.

Memorial Day content that receives the strongest engagement typically tends to be posts and creative that advertise sales (especially home and garden supplies).

The home and garden behemoths over at Home Depot created a hugely successful ad campaign around both mobile and Memorial Day. Partnering with Mobile Circular, a mobile advertising app, Home Depot was able to present 11 unique Memorial Day offers and discounts on a single ad unit. The results speak for themselves:


Let May be the Month of Mobile

In this years eShopper Index results showed that out of the 111 polled American and European companies 50% began leveraging their marketing efforts with the help of mobile. From creating a mobile app around their product to targeted mobile ads, there are a number of ways to break into the mobile space. Here are a few.


  • Look into opportunities in geo-targeting with your mobile ads but understand your reach.
    • A cupcake company that ships anywhere or a resort near a popular vacation spot may be a good match for geo-targeted mobile ads but a dog groomer who relies on local customers might not.
  • Make sure your homepage is mobile friendly.
    • Mobile traffic is positioned to soon outpace that of desktop. Make sure your mobile landing page is up to snuff. If you need guidance on how to achieve this check out Google’s comprehensive guide here.
  • Familiarize yourself with Google Adwords.
    • Setting up a mobile-specific Adwords campaigns is relatively painless and can offer a lot a value to your business. You can even bid for Adword space for mobile only.

The Era of Inspiration

Take a moment to think about the last time you read an inspiring quote on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These pieces of feel good and aspirational messaging have also began to pervade advertising and to quite a bit of success.

Many companies have launched advertising campaigns this last year that seek to pull at your heartstrings while simultaneously getting you to reach into your wallet. Does inspirational messaging work for your business? Take a peek at how some big-named brands have pulled this off.





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