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The ClickBank Guide to Reduce Refunds

Brett Chesney | October 30, 2020
If you want to grow your bottom line and reduce ClickBank refunds, try implementing these nine tips into your strategy. Reducing Refunds is an Art It's sounds so simple: Provide a quality product with quality content and your sales will stick? Well, not so fast... Our 20 years of digital marketing experience has taught us…
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Why Start a Business in Affiliate Marketing?

Brett Chesney | August 15, 2019
Affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing careers gain in popularity ever year. It makes sense--what's not to love about passive income? Check out this guide below to learn why you should…
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ClickBank Welcomes Kelly Householder as CEO

Brett Chesney | July 17, 2018
ClickBank Welcomes Kelly Householder as Chief Executive Officer. As a reputable and proven leader in the Boise, ID technology market since 2001, Kelly Householder has been leading retail, eCommerce, and…
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If you want to scale your affiliate program efficiently and quickly, implement these five tips from Connor Gillivan. A guest blog post by Connor Gillivan, Chief Marketing Officer of…
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The Mighty Power of a Call to Action

Brett Chesney | April 17, 2018
A better call to action will make you a better marketer. Read on to: Discover up-to-date tips for creating effective calls to actionBecome a more knowledgeable marketerLearn strategies for website…
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