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How to Make Your First $2,000 Online

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ClickBank is only as successful as the affiliates on our platform. That’s why we put together this free video training revealing the 3 steps you must follow to earn your first $2,000 as an affiliate.

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Jen LeCompte, Mom of 4
$5M+ Affiliate Commissions

See how Jen LeCompte went from a struggling mother of four to generating over $5M in revenue on ClickBank in just under 18 months.


How Affiliates Win on ClickBank

Here’s what a typical journey might look like for affiliates on ClickBank.

Being an affiliate on ClickBank is easy! After signing up for a free account, you can generate a tracking link for one of the high-converting products on ClickBank’s marketplace in just minutes.

Then, you can promote it to your chosen traffic source or audience, including free and paid traffic channels. When a customer you refer buys the product, you get a commission on the sale – up to 75% or more!


Get Traffic

Choose a way to get traffic as an affiliate. Common traffic channels include an email list, paid ads, SEO blog, or social media account.


Choose Offer

Browse the ClickBank marketplace to find high-converting and relevant offers that you can promote to your traffic source(s).


Create Tracking Link

You generate an affiliate tracking link on ClickBank’s marketplace for a product that your target audience would like.


Promote Product

You promote the product with a tracking link from your traffic source(s) of choice and generate affiliate sales.


Get Paid!

You get paid directly from ClickBank for each sale you generate, routed from the funds collected per transaction.


CPA on ClickBank

ClickBank is the world’s best CPA network, providing top affiliates with the option to get paid on a cost-per-action basis for each sale they make. Get paid what you’re worth!

Cost per Action (CPA)

There’s no deposit, no math, and no stress. Whether you’re an affiliate who’s ready to get paid on your terms, or you’re a seller who wants to attract the all-star super affiliates you need to scale your offer, CPA on ClickBank is the best and most comprehensive commission system on the market! All you have to do is ask!


Affiliate Resources

ClickBank is invested in your success. We’ve compiled our most valuable resources and guides in one place for affiliates, including media buyers, email marketers, and content creators!

Discover the affiliate education you need to break through roadblocks and reach your goals. ClickBank has resources on how to get started on ClickBank, how different types of affiliates use ClickBank, how to find top offers right now, and many more!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, you should sign up for a free ClickBank account here. Then, you can browse the ClickBank marketplace and find offers to promote in your chosen niche or vertical.

For more information, check out our ClickBank for Beginners guide or our free video affiliate course – these are both step-by-step resources for affiliates looking to get started.

Building an affiliate program and becoming a seller on ClickBank starts with the type of product you sell. Get a full checklist and walkthrough for onboarding your product with our Seller Launch Checklist here.  

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace that serves as an intermediary between the end customer, product owner, and affiliate marketer. As the merchant of record, ClickBank processes each order and routes the funds from each transaction to the parties involved in a purchase.  

Learn more about how ClickBank works here. 

We’ve introduced a handful of exciting new features in just the last few years. These include an overhauled affiliate marketplace, improved order forms, CPA commissions, twice weekly payments, and powerful integrations, including with Shopify. 

Yes, ClickBank offers both a revenue share (RevShare) and cost-per-action (CPA) commission structure! You can learn more about CPA on ClickBank here. 

ClickBank features robust native integrations with a wide range of popular software tools and services. These include VoluumClickFunnelsEverflow, Bluehost, AWeber, and ShipOffers. See the full list of integrations here 

ClickBank offers plenty of free resources on the ClickBank blog and YouTube channelIf you want to take your learning to the next level, check out Spark by ClickBank, our official affiliate marketing education program with courses on copywriting, email marketing, paid ads, organic traffic, and more!