Mastering the Basics: What is Affiliate Marketing

Mastering the Basics: What is Affiliate Marketing

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Finding a reliable crew has always been a challenge faced by many in the marketing world. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of social media, affiliate marketing has become a viable way of broadening your customer base and maximizing the number of people on your team. But you may be asking yourself, “What is affiliate Marketing.”

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system where a business will give rewards to individual affiliates based on the number of unique customers and visitors that they bring to their website. It is an incentive program that is often credited to William J. Tobin, who founded the first e-commerce company, PC Flowers & Gifts.

He realized that by enticing as many people as possible, with the promise of monetary gain, he would be able to draw many more visitors to his website, which in turn would lead to more customers making sales. It is a successful practice that is constantly being tweaked and remains one of the most proactive ways to get customers to your site to learn more about our offering or to make a purchase.

Members of an affiliate marketing team can be paid in several different ways. These methods include:

  • PPC, Pay Per Click
  • PPS, Pay Per Sale (commission)
  • CPL, Cost Per Lead
  • CPC, Cost Per Click

Why Affiliate Marketing Works for You

By corralling a number of people online to promote your product, your reach becomes much more significant. An affiliate with 500 Facebook friends or 1,000 Twitter followers who know and trust him are more likely to be interested in what that affiliate has to share. Combine those efforts with efforts of other affiliates on your team and your product now has exponentially more exposure.

In return for those efforts, the affiliate is incentivized to continue to share and drive traffic to your product by receiving a commission which motivates them to increase overall sales.

Who Becomes an Affiliate?

Anyone that has an interest in making money online can be an excellent addition to your affiliate marketing team. With this being a two-income world, many stay-at-home moms search for ways to help contribute financially to the household. Since being an affiliate requires nothing more than ambition and an Internet connection, this is one of the most popular methods for them to earn some extra income.

Retired folks, college students, and people searching for a second income are all likely and qualified candidates to join your affiliate marketing team. They are a talented resource that requires little to no training.

Finding the Best Affiliate Program

One of the biggest concerns with choosing an affiliate program is the fear that it is not legitimate. Online stories about fraud can discourage people from taking the leap into the world of affiliate marketing.

Look for established programs, such as ClickBank, who have been around for years and have a system in place to support vendors and affiliates alike. Our Affiliate Finder can help you get started building your affiliate marketing team today.