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Your Content Marketing Ideas for October

We are already in to our first weeks of October but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to leverage this month’s holidays and events for your content marketing efforts.

So are you looking for some unique and eye-catching ideas for your content marketing ideas this month? October presents a bevy of different opportunities to take advantage of as you look to target your lists, audiences and fans in powerful and distinctive ways.

Below are several different ideas to get the creative juices flowing, so either be inspired or directly emulate some of the tips and tricks below!

Increase Your Open Rates with Seasonal Verbiage

Did you know that during the month of October email subject lines that include the word, “ghost” had, on average, 23% higher open rate than all other Halloween themed mailings? This means leave your “spooky savings” behind and start brewing up some clever ways to incorporate your favorite ethereal beings into your email marketing initiatives.ghost
Supply Some Great Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s no secret that the retail industry thrives on Halloween. In 2014 alone, shoppers in the United States ponied up more than $7 billion dollars in things like candy, costumes and decorations.

Last year, the term “DIY Costume” was incredibly popular in both email marketing initiatives and in searches (nearly a 30% growth in Google searches alone). If possible, look over your selection of products to see if there is any tie-in with what you sell and a possible DIY-themed get-up. If there is, post a guide to creating a quirky and fun Halloween garb that uses your goods and is still incredibly timely to the season.


Get Listy

Its been shown time and time again that list articles simply work. The psychologist Claude Messner showed in a study he conducted in 2011 that individuals were more likely to choose to read a piece of content when they knew exactly what amount of information they were getting themselves into i.e “5 Key Takeaways from the Presidential Debates”, “The Top 10 Green Foods”. List articles are often the most read and most shared pieces of content on the web.

  • This month, why not spend some time drafting up a list article that in one way or another relates to your business or your products. Need a little bit of inspiration to get started? Let the following topics jumpstart your creativity.
    “8 DIY Tips to Make Your Life Easier”
    “The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About The Presidential Primary”
    “10 Simple Email Hacks for Better Open Rates”
    “6 Ways to Increase Conversion and Reduce Abandonment”
    “10 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans”


Round it All Up

Content curation or a content roundup posts are great ways to piggy-back off good and useful content that already exist somewhere on the internet. Good roundup posts exhibit the following qualities:

  • Always values quality over quantity.
    Value is always added. Why is this link relevant to the roundup, how does this fit into the larger picture of what you are highlighting/saying
    Always credits the original poster of the material. Give credit where credit is due.

To get started, simply identify a topic that is relevant to your brand and your consumers. From there, scour the net for articles that both support your topic and provide good, clear value. Once you have a list of 4-6, put them into list form and give a quick write up of what information readers can expect to find when they click. Round up posts are excellent when you are short on time but still want to stick to a consistent posting schedule.


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