Using ClickBank Instant Notification

Posted by: Greg Lems, Director of Application Development

Please note: This post is intended for readers with some experience in programming and Internet servers.

I read once that in the very early days of, Jeff Bezos and his engineers had wired up their server to make a cash-register “ka-ching!” sound every time they made a sale.  As business picked up, they had to turn it off because it was going off all the time!  It got me thinking whether a fun little widget like this might be something that ClickBank publishers and affiliates are interested in.

To build something that performs an action with each sale, you can use ClickBank Instant Notifications, a feature we enabled earlier this year.  This post is about using this ClickBank feature.  It assumes that the reader has experience with programming and Internet servers.

How ClickBank Instant Notification Works

ClickBank Instant Notification works like this:

  1. A customer purchases a product for which you are the affiliate or publisher
  2. ClickBank posts a notification to a URL you specify in your account
  3. You respond with an HTTP 200 response code (“OK”) to acknowledge receipt of the information.

This occurs not only for sales, but other actions that can occur on a transaction, such as refunds, chargebacks, cancellations of subscriptions, etc.

Assuming you have an Internet server that can listen to these requests, you can install code to respond to these requests and perform actions.

Security is Important to ClickBank

To ensure security of your ClickBank Instant Notifications, you can choose to have your requests sent by https.  Also, with every ClickBank Instant Notification we send along an encrypted string called “cverify” which only you (the account holder) can decrypt to ensure that someone isn’t sending you false ClickBank Instant Notifications.

Enabling Instant Notification

The first step to enabling Instant Notification is to log into your ClickBank account, go to your “My Site” page, and click “Edit” in the “Advanced Tools” box.  A link to request access to Instant Notification will appear. Click that link and follow the instructions. You will enter a URL where you’d like ClickBank to send your instant notifications.

Writing Code to Process Instant Notifications

Now that notifications are enabled, you need to create a script that can process the ClickBank notifications.  For code examples in many popular languages, visit the Instant Notification Service article below.


The best resource available to you to learn more about ClickBank Instant Notifications is the Help Center article for this feature which is here:

Instant Notification Service

Additionally, if you don’t want to write your own code, there are products available that do it for you already. Try searching on “ClickBank Instant Notification”.