The Art of the Follow-Up: How to Keep Customers Coming Back

As customers we’ve all been there before; you find a great new online shop, you pick out the perfect item, and in what seems like no time at all your purchase arrives at your doorstep exactly as described. Hallelujah—you’ve hit the goldmine of online shopping! But then life gets busy, and you stumble across another online shop that seems just as good, and before you know it, you’ve all but forgotten the name of the first store. It’s nothing personal, you’ve simply moved on.

Don’t ghost out on your customers after their initial purchase and leave them with an opportunity to forget about you.
As business owners, this is exactly what you don’t want to happen. Don’t ghost out on your customers after their initial purchase and leave them with an opportunity to forget about you. It’s imperative that you approach your existing customers as though they are new customers whom you are still trying to win. By going the extra mile, you will be able to retain buyers and ensure they keep coming back as loyal customers.

Make Customers Feel Valued:

Depending on the volume of your sales, there’s a couple different routes you can take. If you are selling something with a large price tag, giving your customers a phone call to ensure they are happy with their purchase can go a long ways in building trust and familiarity. In a world where you can hardly get a text back from your own mother, most customers will be happily surprised with a phone call. If you make a lot of sales at a smaller price, consider sending post-purchase emails to all your shoppers that includes a small survey inviting their feedback or simply thanking them for their business. Taking the time to give customers a personalized follow-up builds a good repertoire and also keeps your company on its toes.

Grab Their Attention:


Give your customers a reason to come back by offering special discounts or an exclusive look at new product lines. If you are shipping a physical product consider including a coupon in the packaging of the delivery that includes a discount code for their next purchase. Email is always an easy way to reach your long list of subscribers, just make sure that you aren’t sending them junk—be sure to include some kind of exclusive offer that makes it worth their time and inbox space. Customers just need a small nudge to make a second purchase, so don’t think twice before offering free shipping or $10 off their total.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage:

Knowing what to look for in your analytics is key to understanding how to better your website and traffic conversion. With things such as heatmap software (Crazy Egg, Inspectlet and Mouseflow to name a few) you can look for weak spots on you site that cause customers to drop off as well as popular areas that should be bumped up. In the same vein, it’s important to get to know your customer’s buying habits. Do you sell a product that typically needs refilled after a month? Schedule your promotions around that time frame. Are your customers seasonal buyers that come back right before summer and winter? Then make sure to reach out to them in May and November. Allow your analytics to do the work for you and ensure that you are catering your website and promotions to your customer’s habits.

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