Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready… to Get Paid

Posted by: Jeff Leget, Director of Operations

During my family road trip over Thanksgiving I listened to a great deal of 80’s music on the radio. John Fogerty’s “Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play” got me thinking about ClickBank and how many people these days may be “ready to play” and not even know it.

For example, my sister-in-law recently finished her second Ironman triathlon. She trained for 9+ months with the help of a coach, with whom she mostly corresponded online. (She did great, by the way.) My wife did the same thing for a half-Ironman earlier this year, and she too had great success. I am now getting almost-daily updates from a financial advisor via email about the stock market turmoil.

I have heard that a lot of people are re-evaluating their lives and looking for “life coaches” in the wake of financial catastrophe. Advice is important even for small decisions. Before my family started out on our road trip, we looked online for travel advice regarding where to go, where to stay, and what to do.

My point is that a lot of people have great information and experience to leverage for advising or coaching others. How do I avoid foreclosure? How do I land a job after I’ve been laid off? How do I start a new career? How do I pull together the best holiday party on a budget? How can I be a better parent, athlete, coach, or person?

So what’s your unique knowledge? What’s your niche? It’s time to get off the bench and start making money from your experiences. “Put me in coach, I’m ready…” to get paid.