ClickBank Vendors: Create Your Vendor Spotlight Now

Posted by: Beau Blackwell, Community Manager

At the end of last month, ClickBank introduced the first phase of Vendor Spotlights, a powerful new tool to help ClickBank vendors communicate with affiliates like never before. Vendor Spotlights are featured in the Marketplace alongside your Marketplace listing, and allow you to create a profile that shows affiliates the following information:

  • Sales statistics
  • Customer-facing advertisements, to give affiliates more info about your product and what sales messages they should use
  • Recommended vendors (such as other accounts you own, or other vendors you would recommend)
  • Your affiliate resources page (if you have one)
  • A product image

The most exciting part of Vendor Spotlights, though, is that you’ll have the ability to post announcements about your products. For example, you could tell affiliates about upcoming products you’re releasing, changes to your existing products, special promotions you’re running, or tips on promoting your product.

If you’re a vendor with an approved ClickBank product, you can now create your Vendor Spotlight listing by visiting My Spotlight under the Account Settings tab in your account. Vendor Spotlight profiles will be added to the ClickBank Marketplace on September 21, so we highly recommend that you create your listing (and a first announcement) now! Vendors with Vendor Spotlight profiles will have a distinct advantage over vendors who don’t, so don’t delay!

For more information about Vendor Spotlights, see our Help Center article.