Tips to Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer

Written by: Guest Author, Nikki Young

The majority of people that start down the enticing road of Internet marketing give up soon after their first promotion. An extraordinary amount of effort for little profit sees many retire from the game almost immediately. Both affiliate marketing and online product marketing may first appear as easy ways to make money, but people soon realize that the web is not an easily tapped goldmine. Internet marketing requires commitment and hard work and can quickly become overwhelming.

The marketing processes involved span way beyond creating a web page or writing an eBook. As a vendor there are a broad range of marketing methods that can be followed, with few of them ever resulting in success. And as an affiliate, even the seemingly basic sifting through of products you might potentially choose to promote, presents a challenging task. From building a list of potential customers that trust your word, to launching a new product to market, being diligent enough to understand the multiple disciplines of online marketing is the downfall of many. However, for those with the staying power, Internet marketing is a great way to establish a lucrative online business.

For those of you just getting started with Internet marketing you will no doubt hear the following phrase many more times, and if you’ve been Internet marketing for some time you are about to hear it again: testing is critical! Internet marketers say this all the time because there are so many different marketing mediums available to be utilized in the marketing process, that it can be quite tempting to flitter back and forth trying out each one in part. Once a person doesn’t experience instant success with one, they tend to quickly switch to a new strategy, and then to another, and so on. The problem with doing this is that it means not fully realizing the potential of each marketing method. By constantly switching between strategies you aren’t giving one particular strategy a chance to flourish. Therefore it is vitally important that you test, test, and test some more with each process, strategy and theory, so you can rule out what doesn’t work and rule in what does.

By doing this you will be able to select the most valuable parts of each strategy and start to build a bulletproof strategy of your own. It is important to recognize early on is that there is no “one size fits all” in Internet marketing, and that the same strategies don’t work for every niche, or even necessarily in the same niche. What works for you might not work for someone else, and vice versa. So decipher what works for you through a continual process of trial and error. Develop a system of your own. It will take some time but will be well worth it in the end. And who knows, one day you might be able to sell your system online as a top-selling product!

Trying multiple marketing methods and only putting limited input into each will only bring frustration. Instead, focus all your energy on one or two marketing approaches. Master them and make sure you have exhausted their capabilities before moving on or adding a new approach to your armory. Don’t keep dipping your fingers in and out of a bucketful of ideas hoping that one will suddenly come to fruition.

Think long-term not short-term. Invest wisely in the short term in order to make money in the long term. And by this I mean investing in the help of some educational programs/books and the advice and help of mentor(s) to help you learn faster and get to your destination of success quicker. If you can master one or two approaches, you will be well on your way toward a successful business. If you learn only parts of a number of different strategies you will remain a “jack of all trades but master of none.”

Internet marketing can take its toll on you psychologically, especially when you have tried out a variety of marketing methods, invested financially and put in a lot of time and effort for little or no reward. But this psychological battle presents a critical stage in your development and success. This is the very point at which many who made it past the first promotion and into further learning stages give up. A knack for perseverance is so very important in Internet marketing and indeed in starting any business. Don’t give up at the third hurdle. Stick by your guns and persevere with strategies that feel comfortable and complement your strengths and ability.

Four Solid Bits of Advice to Help You Succeed in Internet Marketing

Advice #1: Find a Mentor
Whether in business, self-development or Internet marketing, growth can be rapidly moved forward by finding a mentor. Mentoring helps you develop at a faster rate, helping you learn faster, develop skills more adeptly and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. A mentor, like a good teacher, will help you understand exactly what you need to learn, how to learn it and the best time for you to execute the knowledge.

I seek mentors in my life because I know it’s the fastest way to learn. Not only has mentoring helped me to get to where I am today in Internet marketing, but it also continues to be very important to me in other areas of my life. By having a mentor for each important aspect of my self-development, I learn faster and succeed faster. Since starting out on my own journey as an Internet marketer I myself have become a mentor to others. It has truly been a pleasure watching those I have helped grow from online newbie to successful online entrepreneur.

Advice #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself
A huge mistake beginners make is thinking they need to do everything alone. Focus your energy on the most vital areas of your business; the areas that encourage growth and will help you reach your goals faster. If you work on too many projects at once you will find your progress is slow and hindered by many barriers. You can’t be an expert in every discipline, so outsource work where you can. Set aside a budget for delegating work to third parties that prevent you from paying attention to more important areas of your business. Taking on more and more work yourself will see you bogged down unnecessarily in tasks that will significantly slow your progress. Outsourcing will also allow you to have more valuable time away from your computer.

Advice #3: Utilize Free Resources
When a person first decides to get involved with Internet marketing, he or she will be exposed to numerous different online money making products. These products appear as very attractive prospects, and it isn’t uncommon for people to get excited and buy into multiple products in a short space of time. The truth is, almost every marketing method you will read about is potentially a profitable one, but mastering one takes considerable time. Don’t splash out on multiple expensive products. Instead, choose one or two referred to you by your mentor(s). Learn them and utilize them to their full potential before moving onto another area.

In addition to this, make use of as much free information as you can. There is a huge amount of great reference material online that can be found in books, eBooks, video and on blogs. It is often difficult to sift through conflicting information and ideas online, but again, ask your mentor and trusted associates for help in directing you toward informative blogs, forums and other reliable free resources.

Advice #4 Maintain Persistence
You never know when the breakthrough will come, it could be next week, it might even be tomorrow, or it could take six more months. If things are getting on top of you then take a step back from your business and re-think your strategy. Ask yourself, “Am I focusing my energy, time and investment on areas conducive to leading me to my goal?” “Are there things I am avoiding, ignoring or only doing half heartedly that could better position me for success?”

Your success in business is dependent on your mental attitude, your strategy and your devotion to learning and developing yourself on a daily basis. Commit to your goal of becoming a successful Internet marketer and be persistent in your endeavours. Take these words of advice into consideration and go for it. I hope that they help you to become successful in your online venture.

About the Author
Nikki Young has been active in Internet Marketing for 4 years. During this time she has built up a successful online business, which includes the selling of her cookbook series within ClickBank.

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  1. Zack Lim

    Very good post. I realized that all the 4 tips are focusing on the importance of having the right mindset. I agree that it is important to think long term when operating a internet business.

    One simple formula for success which has proven to work all the time:

    Right Mindset + Follow Proven System + Take Massive Action = Success

    Thanks for sharing this post :)


  2. nadeem fazal

    nice to read and its very easy to do this thing but dear what can i and others who dont ve a single penny to join this program. Just good wishes for all of you who are doing this for jobless people. i am also a jobless form last 3 years and hard to run my home in my country. so i am the person who are watching every thing from seashore. all good wishe for your team .

  3. Michael Cheney

    Thanks for sharing those tips. I appreciate people like you who shares information about Internet Marketing. Your blog would be a great help to all IM newbies. ;-)

  4. Gary Roberts

    This is great advice, a newbie or an inexperienced entrpreneur can go through hundreds of Clickbank Products without really having any success !!


    It was good. The best advice is to utilize free resources in the start, as in the beginning not all internet marketers have much investment. Also, do what you can do best and outsource the remaining stuff.

  6. Kyle Ransom

    Thanks for this post. I caught myself switching from one marketing method to another without fully understanding how to determine which marketing method works best for my business.

  7. Kevin

    Really enjoyed the post Nikki. I visited your product and it looks pretty cool. I will try to make time to purchase it and write a review of it on my new-ish fitness and nutrition blog I have going.


  8. Jinger Jarrett

    As a marketer that has been at this a really long time, I would love to see marketers get away from the “big red button.” There is no magic button you can push to make money online.

    I find it ironic that the things that work are the things that have always worked: building a website, building a list, writing articles, search engine optimization, etc. Although these things have evolved, they continue to work.

    When you learn what really works, and keep doing it, you will succeed. Nice post!

  9. Jesus Moreno

    When I first started internet marketing myself, I thought that would be easy. Boy, was I wrong. It’s much more complicated than only say it. Always is beneficial to have the advise of people that has dominated this niche or any other one. And yes, internet and affiliate
    marketing represent a constant struggle against many things.
    J. Moreno

  10. Akh Ahmed

    It’s really true whatever bein posted by Nikki Young in this post. Internet Marketing is the world of possiblities . And in the world of possiblities the key is focus.

  11. Jeff Cutts

    Well this was a very timely post for me and I thank you for it. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for about 4 years and can very much relate to your blog. I started out buying every get rich quick product only to be gutted when they weren’t providing a single sale. This Blog should be a mandatory read for all newbies.
    Thank you very much

  12. geoio

    Thank you, I enjoyed your post. Very happy that some advices I give all the time to my readers I find now in your post: not to work at more than 2-3 projects, to be Persistent, because nobody knows when the breakthrough will arrive, to be partient and to thing long term…

  13. Peter

    Ironically, the first post in this newsletter discusses the demise of what those VIP’s call the long-tail affiliate. I guess they meant newbie.

    Are we to believe that affiliate marketing is still alive for the small budget affiliates. Or should we stop wasting our time and resources as we are stomped out by the “20% of affiliates who make 80% of the sales.”

    I made the assumption that those 20% are the same ones who’ve been shoving how to make $5,000/day from the sofa down our throats. All they’ve down is lead us down the gilded path without even a, ?????.

    If there’s anyone out there who’s legit and will actually help a newbie make money, without first wanting the shirt off our backs, please respond. I promise to climb the highest mountain and call out your name

  14. PAT

    Thanks for the advice.
    I need to keep this in mind -“You never know when the breakthrough will come, it could be next week, it might even be tomorrow, or it could take six more months.” Stay positive and work hard, is the key to every worthwhile endeavor.

  15. Mark Harrison

    Great advice. Persistence is vital. Eventually, there may come a ‘tipping point’ where things start to take off, or it may be a gradual increase over a long period of time. I have also come to value the idea of a mentor – the challenge is finding the right one!

  16. Patricia Kilbourn

    Oh how I wish I had read this a few months ago. I have bought many products and have yet to see a penny of return. I am slimming my programs down to the two I think have the best potential and will stick with them until I have learned them thoroughly. Thanks again for the info. Fortunately, having ordered on Clickbank I still have time to get my money back on some of the “pie in the sky” programs.

  17. jeff

    Very good advice. It definately does seem to take time to find the right strategy that is right for you. And alittle frustrating when you hear of others making substantial incomes and they say they are doing what you are? Guess persistance is the big one.

  18. William Rogers

    Great advice especially the part about finding a good mentor. There is so much to learn and a good mentor can cut your learning curve in half. Find a good mentor and stick with him or her and then return that favor by becoming a mentor yourself to someone just sarting out.

  19. Ernest Contreras

    I am glad I came to this blog article , you touched a couple areas that got my attention
    advice 2 and 4, truly hit home,working on many projects leave to much undone or start and not finish even half way , I need focus. and # 4 because of my regular job I often do not market or advertise often or update blogs as I should,all your advice will now be followed , this is a wake up call for me Thanks.
    Chef Ernie

  20. Owen Plumber

    Great article and it described a little of what I have been doing for the last 18 months full time online without making any money. I just cannot find the system I need to make any money. I seem to get so far but there always seems to be a missing piece to the puzzle.
    I have had to go and get a job but I’m not going to give up internet marketing. I have mastered so many other skills in my life there is no reason why I cannot do this.

  21. Chad

    Great advice!

    I particularly appreciate #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself. It is so easy to fall into the trap of taking on too much and then becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. It can be hard to accept when starting out with little to no budget; but it’s critical to evaluate what your own time (and frustration) is worth. It’s cheaper to outsource things that free up your time to focus on something else that brings in greater revenue. To be cliche, don’t trip over dollars to pick up dimes.

  22. Maurice Bernier

    Having a mentor is in fact one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful online marketer. I can’t agree with you more on this Nikki. Also, a big thank you for pointing out to readers that they should master one form of marketing before moving on to the next. To this I would add that if it isn’t working for you, move on and find something else. Knowledge is definitely the key!


  23. Brenda

    Very good post. I agree many new marketers do not take the time to learn each marketing method until it is mastered. Taking on too many things at one time only leads to frustration and giving up.

    Never give up, find a good mentor to teach and encourage you to take the right path.

  24. Jimmy Craig Hesser

    Hi Nikki, it’s good to see you here!

    I have been doing what you described for years (I’m not even sure how many any more!) and my Internet partner and I thought we had finally hit something about two months ago. We had improved from around $25/week to over $200/week and things were just starting to accellerate. We thought that was just really nice! Then Google Panda’d us, and now, we are back to where we were before, or worse! What a downer!

    What we had found was a way to gain traffic quickly (and for free) that we thought was ok accoring to G & Co. It was not. Well, the only good thing to come out of that (at least for us) was the realisation that the old saying that “Traffic is King!” is 100% correct! The only hitch to that is that the traffic has to be traffic that Google approves of. And that’s not always easy to know in advance.

    Thanks for the post, I hope it will shed some light on the ways of affiliate marketers like us, and greetings from Switzerland, Bulgaria and Canada! :D

  25. Lucy Thomas

    Good post but how do you find a mentor? I have been trying to make money online but havent yet, right or wrong am in a paid for training program. I feel like I am drowning most days but dont want to give up or lose focus. Now if you write a blog on How to Find a Mentor I will be the first to read it.

  26. Faylor St.Hilaire

    It is really about being patient. I am currently working on a project where I’m trying to use organic traffic instead of paid traffic as my marketing vehicle and I know that I will need to be VERY patient before I see a return on my investments.

  27. Nikki Young

    Zack Lim – Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

    nadeem fazal – It doesn’t cost any money to be able to start promoting the products within the Clickbank marketplace. You can setup a free website to get you started, using wordpress or blogger (there are many more). There is advertising you can implement which requires no no up-front cost, just your time; Facebook and social media interaction is a very powerful way to create a loyal fan base and a lot of readers to your website. I hope this helps you to get started.

    Kyle Ransom – Thankyou for the comment. Internet Marketing holds so many exiting opportunities, it is almost impossible to not look into the multiple possibilities of profitable business models that can be taken. It’s when people stay in this cycle for too long and don’t sit down and plan their business approach, that is really begins to make an impact on the progress in building a profitable business.

    Kevin – Thankyou for your feedback, I would love to have you onboard as an affiliate, let me know if there is anything I can help you with for your promotions.

    Jinger Jarrett – Great advice on how people can get started and I agree with your suggestions on marketing approaches.

    Jesus Moreno – You’re not alone, Internet Marketing takes time, patients and a solid approach. I hope my article will be of assistance to yourself and others in avoiding and pushing through a lot of the hurdles associated with getting started in Internet Marketing.

    Akh Ahmed – There definitely is a lot of possibilities – thanks for the comment.

    Jeff Cutts – I’m glad the post came at a good time for you, and I hope it helps you with building up your successful online business.

    geoio – You’re welcome! I’m glad you have been recommending to focus on a small number of projects at once to your readers. I usually find when people implement this for the first time, they realise just how powerful it is in increasing productivity – then they make it a habit.

    Peter – Affiliate marketing can be hard, not many people can do a promotion and yield a solid income without going through a lot of learning and experiences first. I hope my article will provide you with some helpful tips to help you make the breakthroughs needed with affiliate marketing.

    Pat – I am glad you where able to take this away from the article, it is a powerful thing to remember to keep motivation levels where they need to be at to continue growing in business.

    Mark Harrison – Finding a mentor can be difficult, I agree – especially finding one that works well with your personality. If you know what area it is within your business, or self-development that you are looking to find a mentor in, it can make finding one a lot easier because you are being specific. Post on some IM forums for some advice and recommendations; you never know who might be reading. I hope that helps.

    Patricia Kilbourn – Buying a lot of products and informational courses is all too common, the negative is that people end up reading them all but not taking the full action needed to see results. Dialling in and focusing on a small number of projects/areas to learn within Internet Marketing will be a powerful approach in moving forward with your online business.

    Jeff – It can be very frustrating. A good quote from Brian Tracy that I will always remember “Nobody is better than you, nobody is smarter than you, if they are earning more money than you, then they have just figured out how to do it before you have”. People who have achieved what you are wanting to achieve have simply learned what they have needed to learn to achieve their goals, and whatever they have done, you can do as well. If you are working on a marketing approach and it’s not being as lucrative as you are wanting, stick with it and put together your plan.

    William Rogers – Great advice, I can’t agree more.

    Ernest Contreras – You’re welcome, I’m glad this article has been helpful to you.

    Owen Plumber – I have been where you are and so have many Internet Marketers. When you feel that something is ‘missing’, spend a day away from the computer and write down a strategy for moving forward, followed by the actions that you can work on every day. The more specific you can be the faster you will find yourself following your strategy to a ‘T’ and reaching your goals.

    Chad – This piece of advice seems to be one which has really helped people who have read and have commented on the article. I hope people read your comment as well and take away the good advice which you shared.

    Maurice Bernier – I appreciate your feedback, I agree with your comment on having a mentor, it truly is one of the most powerful assets to business and self development.

    Brenda – Excellent advice!

    Jimmy Craig Hesser – I’m sorry to hear the Google Panda update impacted heavily on your business. Unfortunately Google and all search engines will continually update their algorithms and it’s something that needs to be considered when focusing on SEO (some algorithm changes may see you improve in rankings as well, so it’s not always necessarily a bad thing!). Being knowledgable in SEO can be an extremely lucrative skill, but you need to ensure you keep up to date with the changes and know how to update your website to make Google happy again – if your doing it yourself. I would suggest looking at not putting all your eggs in one basket, as an affiliate promote a few products, so if something happens to one website and it stops earning or is a low volume of sales one month, you have others which are working for you. This may not be applicable to you right now, but ensure it is in the future when you are ready.

    Lucy Thomas – A similar question was asked on how/where to find a mentor. My advice is to first know what area it is within your business, or self-development that you are looking to find a mentor in – be specific. Post on some IM forums or find someone who runs a blog and writes articles/posts which you are finding helpful, then contact them to see if they offer mentoring.

    Faylor St.Hilaire – Great advice! Staying patient with IM is very important.


  28. Pete Bruckshaw

    Excellent advice for all marketers to follow. To Advice #3: Utilize Free Resources, I would add: don’t be afraid to pay for quality resources. For every budding marketer that overspends there must be at least ten freebie seekers. You’re always going to pay in time, money or both. Just do your due dilligence and make sure as you reasonably can that the offer is worth it.

  29. Alexis Hargreaves

    This is a great article, I have just started to work on my business plan to set up my ecommence store and the points brought up in this article really spoke with me. Being new to computers one of my best friends has been helping me understand a lot about the *simple things* like buying a domain, to also hooking me up with people to design my website for good prices – these things would have taken me SO long to figure out myself so I can only agree 100% with the benefits of having a mentor. I also found myself looking for the best marketing approach for my store and ended up reading for 2weeks and still having no idea where to get started! I wouldn’t say it was the most unproductive use of my time because I am so new to this, but I definitely didn’t make any significant growths in my business either.

  30. Kat

    Really well-written post Nikki with helpful tips. I’ve been involved in online marketing for 2-years now and have seen some income. The problem is I cannot get it to grow. I know where I can expend some of my energy, but I keep going in circles doing what I always do, in terms of tasks. Really nice of you to comment on people’s comments, btw! And thanks for that Brian Tracy quote!

  31. Shiona

    “Advice #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself” + “Advice #4 Maintain Persistence = Brilliant! It took me 6 months to get good at SEO and become profitable in the ranking of my websites. 6 months of next to NO profit returns! I remained persistent and didn’t get distracted by trying other methods (even when 5 months in it felt like I had made little progress).

    Great article, and I agree with some of the comments made already here – an essential read for all newbies.

  32. ian

    Great tips, as I am starting out to become fulltime IM.I shall make sure that I appliy most of theses points that have been mentioned.Thnaks you for the good advice.

  33. Mark Henry

    This is great advice for any business – not just an online business. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as it helped remind me to revisit my business goals and objectives which I feel I had lost sight off – not anymore. Thanks Nikki (PS. I love your cookbooks and all the promotional tools you make available – keep up the good work)

  34. Kari

    Excellent advice. All internet marketers should read this post. Mentors really are crucial when it comes to moving forward in life both personally and professionally.

    Advice #3: Utilize Free Resources – Thank god for libraries! I have read so many great books and listened to amazing audio from the library that has helped me progress in my career. If you don’t have a library card get one – the information offered is endless and priceless.

  35. Nikki Young

    Pete Bruckshaw – Absolutely, often it is best to invest in a quality product or educational course in order to learn at the fastest rate possible.

    Alexis Hargreaves – Fantastic! All the best with your ecommerce store, it sounds like you are getting off to a really good start.

    Kat – Thank you for the positive feedback on the article. If you find your growth has plateaued you really need to re-look at your goals and plan of attack, the other option is to keep going around in circles hoping something will suddenly change – you control your own success and business growth. If you know which areas you need to look into, find out why you are not making the most of it yet, it may be you need to outsource some work because you don’t have time, or you need to educate yourself more before going forward. Looking at your goals and your plan to make sure everyday you are working on the things which will grow your business to where you want it to be (in 2months, 6months, 5yrs etc) will make all the difference. I truly hope that my feedback helps you in growing your online business.

    Shiona – A perfect example of how persistence can pay off – congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your experience.

    ian – Thankyou for the feedback, I wish you all the best with your online ventures.

    Mark Henry – It was a pleasure reading how this article helped you to re-look at your business and where you are heading. Thankyou for commenting with positive feedback on the affiliate area for my cookbooks as well.

    Zauberer Erfurt – You’re welcome. Thankyou for the feedback.

    Kari – Libraries definitely hold a wealth of information. This is great advice, thanks for sharing!


  36. Matt

    Nikki has been mentoring me for just over 10 months. Her knowledge and insight in internet marketing and website designs is astonishing and I am constantly learning various tips and tricks to not only gain more subscriptions, but get the most out of my product.

    Without the mentoring I can guarantee that I would have a product with little to no sales. But within 3 months of working with Nikki my first product went online, I had a successful product launch and I have to date sold in over 14 countries and continue to sell more.

    The four tips Nikki writes above are something that took me ages to figure out. It was only until speaking with Nikki did she simplify various aspects of my marketing and where I needed to improve, including the one main area that was slowing my progress which was working on too many projects by myself as I was stretched to thin, but by outsourcing various aspects of my business I found I had more time to work on the more important things rather than doing everything myself.

    I am forever grateful for Nikkis help and assistance and highly recommend anyone looking at being a successful internet marketer not only implement the advice written in this article, but to find someone who can be your mentor and help steer you in the right path.

  37. David

    So my question is this – how does one find a quality (QUALITY!) mentor? In my experience there’s a lot people out there who say they can help and ask for a lot of money upfront but then nothing. They have no skin in the game so there’s no incentive for them to do anything beyond their hype. My business partner and I are certain that there is money to be made with internet marketing and have most of the pieces of the puzzle. It’s a matter of finding someone to help us organize them into a real, successful enterprise. This morning I talked to someone who wanted $5,000 but wouldn’t give any specific information about their “program” which obviously was a non starter. Any ideas out there? Thanks.

  38. Joe

    Great advise,
    Two months ago I decided to venture into the IM world. I think one of the hardest part is to really find a mentor that actually wants to guide you. What I found the first two weeks was that a lot of gurus were just trying to push products, but with no help. I then was bombarded with tons of “great” solutions. I kind of open my eyes and ears to see what it was available and then decided what I was going to do. I removed myself from the mailing lists and moved. Just when I thought I found a really great guy, with a pretty good training program, that is willing to coach us, it was all that but, then he wanted to push to us a really expensive program. Then, I thought I found another great guy, he does reply to e-mails, but like I said, not even 6 weeks, all he does now is sending his daily recommendations of products that we must have. Of course I learned to ignore him. But, are there any real coaches that are actually willing to help the newbies? and I am not saying for free, but for real. Just my 2 month review! Thanks, it was a great post.

  39. Maurice Bernier

    For David.
    David, you are being mentored right now by Nikki and through this free article she wrote. I also do mentoring through Skype and if someone suggests that you pay them $5000 with little or no details to go by, slam the door shut as fast as you can and don’t revisit. A true mentor will gladly help you at zero charge if they aren’t only thinking of their pocket book. The successful marketer builds relationships without putting the money first.


  40. William Rogers

    Thanks Nikki

    This is great information and if you noticed it is free. I think the most important point in this article is to “FIND A MENTOR”. Even experienced marketers have their mentors.

    There are a lot of free products on the net and many of them are great products,But if you don’t know anything about internet marketing how are you going to know what is good and what isn’t? You have to establish a base of knowledge to draw from and form a plan of action.

    I started the same way everyone else did, surfing the net for free products, and I learned a lot but I had no base of knowledge or a plan for what do next. I thought I could do it on my own at 1st but then quickly found out that was not the case.

    Everyone will attempt to sell you something sooner of later even your mentor. Without someone making a profit there would be no internet. The advantage of having a good mentor is he or she will only offer you the things that will benefit you the most in your business, and offer you the products that have been tried and tested by them.

    Free is good, after all I found Clickbank looking for free info, and I found so much great information here I will never stop coming back for more. But you must find a good mentor who can give you some direction and goals and help you map out a plan otherwise you will just be spinning your wheels.k

  41. Justin | Mazzastick

    Hey Molly,
    Thanks for the solid advice. Internet marketing is not for the faint of heart and any one looking for quick results will end up frustrated. Persistence is the key.

  42. Atif

    Superb, motivating article.

    I agree with everything.

    I am going through a tough time psychologically. I can usually handle a lot as I have been a Pharmacist for 11 years, I’ve seen it all but this is about being pure persistent.

    If you are outsourcing a website make sure the builder has done your kind of project before, don’t just go by reviews. View the projects and contact the owners, so you save yourself a lot of time and money. I have a project in progress and they are struggling to get it done. I am walking them through it and their is communication issues that have arisen.

    Ask loads of questions upfront and keep going, you learn loads.

    Thanks for the post. Your the best.

  43. Carlos

    Are truims. First problem: where to find a qualified mentor? How to find it ?
    About free resources, they haven’t always quality.
    To think about.


    Carlos BDF

  44. Enrique

    Great Advice! I’ve been doing IM since 2004 and I’m still looking forward to my breakthrough moment! PERSISTENCE is key, believe in yourself and pull it together! Don’t fall excessively in love with your current promotions, explore all avenues and always be ready to adapt and move on if needed. As I was recapping on my IM experiences, I could not help but to smile. Even if I have not gotten to a 100% online income, it is MY GOAL, and attainable. More and more people keep coming to me for advise, my sites keep getting ranked in search engines and established online, little checks keep showing up here and there… IT IS POSSIBLE!

  45. Ricky


    I don’t waste too much time read too many articles about IM anymore as there are so many people out there doing it these days and they never really get to any point.

    However, something told me to read your and it really seemed to be refreshing by simply being straight away…

    I just want to say thank you for this little boost…


  46. Paul Gardner

    Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for sharing some great content on internet marketing. No fluff here. All good solid advice for all marketers on four important elements for success in internet marketing.

    To Your Success and Thanks For Sharing

  47. Don Bengert

    Totally agree…Having and taking advice from mentor(s)can really get you thinking. I’ve been at this IM for a couple of years and realized that being a publisher of my field would suite me best. In the near future, the ebook series I’m working on will be finished and ready for release. So, stay tuned world… :)

  48. Vince Staples

    A number of people have asked if there is anyone who can give good information to newbies.
    I have linked up with Adam Short who offers on-line training to newbies like me and so far, I have been very impressed. Check out Niche Profit Classroom and you can join for $1 as a trial for 2 weeks and then your membership will cost $67 per month. This may sound like a lot, but this is the first place where I have been able to listen to audios in the ‘classroom’ and actually learn how to set up a website and how to start with Niche Marketing. I hope I am right in recommending Adam short, but I have been studing with NPC for about 3 weeks and am about to get my website launched soon. So check out NPC and see what you think and for just $1 to take a look, there is no great risk and you can bail out within 2 weeks if you are not satisfied. I have been given some really good information and I am also very grateful for the advice given here by Nikki Young. Thank you Nikki!

  49. Pamela Brannon

    I must agree with the previous comments. I am about a raw as one can get in IM and have very quickly reached that state of “overwhelm” and information overload! In my ignorance I too started buying one promising system after another, and I really could not afford to do so. Well, I decided to listen to my intuition (churning gut!) and backed off. I am trying to find the mentor, system, etc. that is the most comprehensive, accommodating to newbies, allows me to grow as my knowledge base and experience does and just “feels right.” I was also feeling very impatient with getting on with my “reinvention” of myself as an internet marketer. Yesterday, driving about running errands I hit every light, every turn into a parking lot was filled with cars, every line i got into was long, and at the grocery store I bought 12 little pieces of chocolate and the cashier rang them up individually! This was that time of the day when there is very little traffic and no one is shopping…so, lesson learned! Patience is critical, Rome was not built in a day! (IM feels like Rome to me!) This article is full of wisdom. Thank you!

  50. Rick

    Persistence is vital in finding the path with IM, but it is just as important to be very critical of your efforts to understand why your path may be bumpy. Finding a good mentor is difficult, so you must realize the flaws in your approach and continue to learn. Always refer to the basics and then see if you are following them. It’s a slow learning curve that requires patience to overcome the pitfalls. Get in the trenches and figure out your approach.

  51. Jacquie Cattanach

    Thank you for the 4 reminders and great advise. I’ve been in the IM world for 7 years now and the hardest part is finding a mentor and sticking with them. There are so many self-proclaimed gurus that want to sell their products, that I used to spend all my time reading their newsletters and, as a result, being very non-productive. There are alot of good long-term mentors out there, a couple that come to mind are Dr. Andy Williams & Michael Campbell.

  52. Doug

    Thank you very much for the wonderful information Nikki. I agree with many of the others that your post should be required reading for those of us just getting started with IM.

    As a newbie to IM I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding the various aspects of IM. If there is an obvious language barrier then the following does not apply. However, some very important factors I noticed regarding the quality of potential information offered by many self-proclaimed “experts” are simple cues such as:

    1. Did the author spell simple words correctly?
    2. Did the author at least take the time to spell-check the document?
    3. Did the author demonstrate knowledge of basic grammatical skills?

    These factors alone should serve as huge red flags regarding the quality of his or her information especially if there is a fee associated with obtaining it. If the author didn’t at least take the time to spell-check his or her information, then how likely did the author take the time to verify the accuracy of the information? Leaving out certain words such as “NOT” completely changes the meaning of the subject at hand!

  53. skpeh

    It was a great post. Newbies tend to lose direction as flooods of different offers promising get quick rich fast. One has to just focus on the direction and only pay attention to those tips/tricks which may help you along. Ignore others for the time being.

    Persistency is the key. a step at a time to lead you to your goal.

  54. Ridley Harrison

    Nikki, thanks much for your article. Every thing you say is so true. I am on the internet for over 18 months now, trying at so many things, which only end in failure and frustration over and over.Even my family believe i am wasting my time, but my WHY is huge and it keeps me going.
    I just got started at affiliate marketing. I think i want to concentrate my efforts here and see what i can make of it. Your advise overall has been very helpful and encouraging to me.
    Thanks again,

  55. Martha

    Very good post. All of the things you mentioned I did experience when I first started out online as an affiliate. I did get overwhelmed, I did move to something else, I learned that there is much work involved in internet marketing. My main target now is to stick with one project until I move to the next. Being persistent and consistent are both necessary keys.

  56. Michael

    I have tried many different ways to make money on the internet and have been disappointed every time. It suddenly occurred to me that I needed to get a mentor and not quit when things got tough. Don’t give up. Get a mentor and learn how to really make money on the internet. It ain’t easy but it can be done. I truly believe that quitters never win. Get a mentor and don’t give up when the going gets tough. Refuse to give up! Then, you will learn to be a winner. There ain’t No Free Lunch!

  57. Partha Bhattacharya

    Great tips Nikki! Thanks for the inspiring article.

    Let me add a few tips from my experience as an Internet marketer.

    Knowing what you’re really good at is very important. For example, I know of a skilled salesman in a jewelry store who didn’t know his ability to correctly forecast demands of jewelry until one day he had to argue with his employer to keep more stocks of a certain type because it would sell more in the oncoming season. He was proved right, but he left the job to become a high-paying sales consultant.

    The second step is whether what you know has sufficient demand, and if yes, how others are fulfilling that demand. If the popular demand is a little different like how to select a good second-hand car as against how to maintain a second-hand car, then you have to accordingly make changes.

    The third step is to create the product that can be marketed easily. It may be an ebook, a series of podcasts, a series of videos, or all of them. 2 points are important here: a) buyers must clearly know how they benefit from your product, and b) there has to be ‘value’ in your product. In the Paleo Diet Cookbooks, Nikki has taken care of both these points. I especially like the Sneak Peek section in her website where I can almost see the giant but invisible 5 letters, VALUE.

    The fourth step is of course the all-important marketing on the Internet. No amount of labor will bring results unless the fourth step is done rightly. On the other hand, if the previous 3 steps are not done well, then even the fourth step cannot bring sustained success.

    I’m currently making an elaborate course on what I call, Teach To Get Rich. It will come at, hopefully in another 3 months’ time.

    I need all your best wishes in my effort, and Nikki, thanks again for this nice illuminating post!

  58. ISRI

    I appreciate that you “need staying power”;many times I feel run down and feel like quitting
    but I look at the possibilities then I say till do us apart

  59. kulwant kour

    Great Tips for anyone looking for success in life or internet marketing. I wish I too was among the persons bing mentored by Nikki

  60. Lord Takyi

    Thank you for your advice. please I am a new affiliate and I some a mentor to guide me though this business please help me to get one. Thank you, you have giving me hope that I can also make it.

  61. Michael

    All you said are truly great…It interesting to me…I will try these…Keep up the good job….I look forward to applying these techniques….

  62. Tesla Falcon

    My issue has been an inability to determine specific actions for the “strategies” that are promoted, highlighted, & discussed. It almost seems that the ‘gurus’ wanna talk “strategies” since they themselves don’t know how to implement them. If you can sell enough people on buying into slick sales copy w/o any substantive information, then your “strategy” worked … Right?!

    And I’m currently working 120+ hrs/week in the oilfield which puts me out of Internet (& even cell phone) contact for days at a time. I currently avg 1-3 hrs / week online, & that’s usually w my iPhone, not my desktop, laptop, or even netbook computers.

    Right now?
    iPhone after having been out in the field since early Tuesday morning.

    Anyone got a business plan for that?


  63. Andrew

    Thanks for the post. I can use the encouragement right now. I’ve been putting a lot of energy in, but I haven’t found the magic yet. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going.

  64. Lee

    Great that you posted this!

    To be honest never considered a mentor because figured that real ones did not exist. As some have mentioned most just sell products and some of those are total crap, they have no real interest in helping just money. As with some I thought this would be easy, got sucked in on a program and of course it is a lot more work. Have checked out IM forums and some peolpe are helpful but most of those seem to starting out same as I so no real mentoring can happen and the others that have done it forever just make smart comments to the newbies. This are some of the reasons for not even considering a mentor.

    It was mentioned that it can be overwhelming, that seems to be an understatement. I have been in sales and marketing since the 80’s and it was mostly talking either to a client or a secratery that wrote it up, so over time that will surely be one of my outsource areas. Want to do it for now though, to learn it better and since I just got cleaned out in a divorce really have to anyway. Have spent countless hours in research and being a perfectionist type the more into it the more overwhelming it becomes.

    This holiday weekend I am putting up something, right, wrong, or whatever cannot stand to have nothing happening.

    Say all of that to say that it is nice to see real experienced people helping. Most it seems are wanting to hide their “secrets”.

    Thanks again!

  65. Willian

    Excelentes todas las recomendaciones, muchas gracias por compartir su conocimiento trataré de llevarlo a la practica.

  66. jeff

    Very informative article. Yes I to went through the bouncing around all different programs,investing and then making nothing:) When it comes to anything online it seems like “sticking to it” and not being all over the place works. You know why? There are so many people that do not. Your information is right on!

  67. Shihabul Khan

    Thanks for sharing these insights. This has been an inspiration for me as a newbie in this venture without having any success so far. Now I have got some ideas about this road ahead. And you worked for me as a “virtual mentor”, shedding some bright lights and providing me with some “rules of the game”.And I am also learning,fixing and honing my skills so that I can become successful. The major insight that I have got is the “staying power” that is required. At first, when I started, the education website that I subscribed to, gave me the false impression that it is as peaut as a,b,c..(marketing trick, I understand), but in reality, it is not. It is like any other venture, which requires hard work, trial and error and perseverance. Thanks again.

  68. Dan B

    I think #4 is the most important. It’s hard to get going and when you look at sites that are getting more than 1 million visitors a month, it can be intimidating, however, an efficient business owner does not need a million visitors a month to be successful (it would be nice though). The biggest thing is getting started. The second is persevering.

  69. Sean

    Your advice: “Advice #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself” is great but, I would go a step further and say another mistake beginners make is trying too many website all at once by themselves without learning how to get the first one profitable.

  70. Tony

    Well informed with many points that I can vouch for.I have been working my Online
    Marketing Business for a few years now,and with Dream Dedication Drive, with these
    3 Ds one can’t go wrong. As you say one has to believe in oneself to succeed,where
    others who give up so easily fall by the wayside.My main site has expanded with a
    large worldwide coverage now with the stats going through the roof.Residual/Passive
    Income is starting to flow in,and with continual Dedication my Dream Job will be

  71. Nikki Young

    I would like to thank everyone for posting such positive feedback in regards to the article. It’s really been a great pleasure to hear how much this article has helped so many of you with your Internet marketing business, whether it be from hearing something again which will help you to implement it, or learning something new that will have a positive impact on your business and how you move forward with your Internet marketing journey.

    There has been quite a few questions from people wondering how to get a mentor and I think it’s great that so many people are interested in looking at having a mentor to help them to fast-track in their business. Finding a mentor can be difficult, but as I mentioned in a previous response to the comments to this article, if you can look at pinpointing which area of your business you want to focus on it becomes a lot easier to find a mentor. For instance, let’s say you would like a mentor to learn how to become profitable on Facebook, you can then look on Internet marketing forums or websites/blogs to find someone who is actively writing responses in regards to the topic and has responses that are extremely informative, if you feel you can learn from this person simply contact them by a private message or in response to a thread on a forum, or an e-mail if possible – you never know your luck. One of the best mentors I have at the moment for a certain area of my business, I came across through their personal blog and then through communication to the blog owner via the forum on the website.

    Maurice Bernier made a good comment as well here in response to my article, mentoring doesn’t necessarily need to be one-on-one communication, although I do find this will be the most beneficial type of mentoring when it comes directly to internet marketing, because the mentoring will be specifically focusing on areas of your business – but it is not the only type of mentoring that can be extremely beneficial. If you find someone who you look up to in regards to their knowledge and somebody who you feel you can learn from, and they have an active blog, or they have information products, or right now they are actively doing tasks that are traits you would like to possess, investing your time in reading their content and learning from them by following their actions, they can become a form of mentor for you. For instance, there are many people in business who I look up too, but I have never received one-on-one mentoring from them. It hasn’t meant however, that I haven’t been able to learn from them, via books and educational products, to following the actions they are taking to create and expand their business/company. So you too can find a ‘mentor’ that is teaching what you specifically want to know, and read everything that they have put out in order to learn what they have learnt, it may be a slower process but this is another way to look at mentoring if you feel it is something that could work well for you.

    Atif – Outsourcing can be a tedious tasks sometimes, and I agree with your comments that you should always ask for as much information as you can in regards to the person you’re looking to hire. Unfortunately, some people do use fake portfolios and will provide incorrect information on their resume, so the more you can find out about an individual or a company before you work with them in outsourcing, the less stressful it will be. If you feel the person cannot complete a project earlier on, while giving them enough chances you feel are reasonable, it may be best to cut your losses and try to find somebody else. When you do have someone who can complete the tasks successfully, try and keep them on your lists of contacts so that whenever you need additional work you don’t need to go through the process of trying a hire someone new again.

    Ricky – Thank you for your comment, I’m really glad that you enjoyed reading the article.

    Paul Gardner – You’re welcome, thank you for such positive feedback.

    Don Bengert – Congratulations, finding your strength and your passion is one of the biggest keys (if not the biggest key) to owning a profitable business. I wish you all the best with the release of your e-book series.

    Pamela Brannon – It may be time to focus on what you are looking to achieve in your business, if you feel you are in a state of overwhelm you need to make sure you’re not focusing on too much at any one time (this is in regards to inside and outside of your business), when you feel like you are not in control it is time to take a step back!

    Doug – I appreciate the kind words, and you have provided some good tips that people should take on board, thank you for sharing.

    Ridley Harrison – You’re more than welcome, and thank you for the comment. Internet marketing is definitely a fantastic business that can be extremely profitable, stick with it and as long as your ‘why’ stays with you, you will make it happen.

    Martha – The points which I mentioned in the article come back to areas of Internet marketing that almost everyone will come across at some point. I hope though that it does help people in fast tracking their success with Internet marketing by avoiding the things that slow them down. I’m glad that you have now decided to focus on one project and not become overwhelmed with the amount of information that can be obtained on the Internet in how to become profitable with affiliate marketing.

    Partha Bhattacharya – Thank you for sharing the tips, I hope everyone takes the time to read them. All the best with your course that you’ll be selling online, by implementing the tips that you mentioned above I’m sure that it will be profitable for you.

    Tesla Falcon – Not having Internet access is definitely not the most perfect situation for getting started in Internet marketing, but it’s definitely not something that should completely eliminate you from getting started online. You may like to consider outsourcing the work that you would like to have done in the time that you don’t have Internet access, write up a detailed list of actions that you need to take in order to start the Internet marketing business that you are looking at building. For instance, if you need a website built, write down everything that you need on the website etc, and in the time that you have Internet access find someone who can build a website for you. If you would like to have your website rank in the search engines for particular keywords, you can outsource an SEO expert to not only find you the best keywords for your campaign in what you are selling, but you can also hire an SEO expert to do all of the on-site SEO and backlinking needed. Additionally, if you have a friend or family member who does have more time to access the Internet, possibly you can start an online business with them and they can organise a lot of the outsourcing tasks and assist with areas of the business that are slowing you down or holding you back due to not having a lot of Internet access yourself. I hope that helps with giving you an idea of how you can get started with Internet marketing, even with limited Internet access.

    Andrew – I’m glad this article gave you some encouragement to keep going with your Internet marketing journey. If you’re putting a lot of energy in but it’s not coming back profitability the way that you would like, make sure that you really look at the strategy that you’re implementing for your business, as it’s one thing to work hard (and a lot of hours) on things that are not going to grow your business, and another to have a strategic plan in how you’re going to grow your business and what needs to be done, while working the same or less hours. Make sure you’re working on the tasks needed to grow your business, not on tasks that ultimately are not.

    Lee – Even if you try to avoid it, you’re likely always going to come across a product or piece of advice that doesn’t help you to grow your business. Try not to get discouraged by it though because there is so much valuable information out there that if you don’t want to get stung by bad products and bad advice, you will ultimately never find good products and good advice. Make sure that whatever you implement you are confident in everything that you put together, potentially putting up a website without any idea of if it will be profitable or not and potentially not following up on improving any of the aspects of the website can just lead to repeated upsets in things not working out.

    jeff – Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the positive feedback to the article.

    Shihabul Khan – Thank you for the comment, it’s great to hear that you are learning from everything that you have done so far in your Internet marketing journey, even if it hasn’t always been easy. I wish you all the best in moving forward.

    Dan B – Great advice. It’s important not to get put off by other people that have already formed a profitable business online. In regards to website traffic, 1 million viewers a month doesn’t necessarily mean that the conversions are great on a product, quality traffic is more important which may mean overall there are less viewers to a website.

    Sean – I agree with you on this point. It can be an expensive journey if someone invests a lot of money into domains and hosting and website creation etc, not to mention the time needed to research for each of the above when there is no confirmation that what is being implemented is working. In saying that, as long as someone is confident in why they are investing in building a lot of websites at any one time – and it’s part of their business model – it can be extremely profitable.

    Tony – Thank you for your comments, it’s great to hear things are going well for your business!


  72. william rogers

    Thanks Nikki

    Such great advice. I have to agree on every point. And what a great article. I hope you don’t mind me taking some of your finer points and using them in some of my own articles. After all imitation IS the greatest form of flattery.

    I also went into internet marketing with my eyes wide shut, so to speak, look out world here I come!! I then became quickly overwhelmed and humbled by the meriod of information and schemes, like you said I switched from one get rich quick scheme to another, with disastrous results.

    Fortunately for me I found a company Where I found not only one mentor but multiple mentors in every field of marketing you can imagine. They are teaching me from start to finish how to achieve my goals. What to do and what not to do. How to use my strengths, in the areas I enjoy most in internet marketing. I not only found one but a multitude of mentors on any nich I wanted to pursue. Most importantly they taught me how to make money quickly, Hey, maybe not get rich QUICK, but at least how to start making a modest income WHILE I am learning. And I was so pleasantly surprised at the low, low, cost for all of this priceless information.

    One of the many things I am learning is the importance of having your own blog, a base of operation for your business, if you will. Serious marketers will either have their own hosted blog or their own hosted website, something that no one can take away from them, this is your own window to the world. If you click on my name above you can visit my blog, however I must warn you it’s just bare bones right now as I am just getting it up and functioning, and yes, they are teaching me how to do this too. Not much to be proud of yet, but I’m proud just the same.

    To your success

  73. M Schneider

    Great article.

    The section Four Solid Bits of Advice to Help You Succeed in Internet Marketing – Advice #1: Find a Mentor – I agree that it can be an advantage sharing knowledge with others so that we can achieve the goals we have set.

  74. Dave

    Thanks to Molly Lane for a great article. I guess the fact that people like Molly take the time to write and publish tips like this, shows that affiliate marketers do actually care and are willing to help each other out. Regards & Thanks ~David.

  75. Michael Mablethorpe

    Thanks for this useful advice. It has made a great difference to me when I decided to get someone to mentor me. There are mentors and mentors. It is good to find out the kind of value a potential mentor gives before teaming up with him/her. Giving value is key to long term success online.

  76. Alfred Joseph

    Just wanted to say thank you. Your words are like a warm smile and a firm handshake my first day on the job. Reassures you you made the right decision.

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