Mobile Marketing Tips for Internet Marketers [Video]

Last year, Adam Horwitz released a product called Mobile Monopoly that took the Internet marketing world by storm. One of the main reasons it was so popular is that it taught affiliates and vendors how to quickly get involved in mobile marketing, which everyone recognizes as a huge opportunity but not many people could understand how to take advantage of.

Even though Mobile Monopoly is now almost a year old, the marketing opportunities it covered are still relatively untapped and uncompetitive. Since we get asked how people can get into mobile marketing all the time, we asked Adam to put together a quick video covering some of the most common ways that Internet marketers are taking advantage of mobile marketing to grow their own businesses and make money promoting others’.

Near the end of the video, Adam talks about a new product he’s creating called Local Mobile Monopoly, where he teaches how to get local businesses to pay you to drive traffic to them. If you’re interested in getting Adam’s free training on how to get started with local marketing and get in while the market is still young, just click the link below.

Get Adam’s Free Local Mobile Marketing Training!

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  1. Paul Hundrieser

    I bought Mobile Monopoly when it first came out, and I was blown away. It is absolutely scary how fast you can build a list using his techniques. You can literally keep refreshing AWeber and see the list grow. Very cool product!

  2. Mike Warren

    The technology of blending internet marketing to mobile marketing is cutting edge. adam has some great insight. Thanks again for keeping us up to date on whats going on in the market.

  3. Vern

    I’m going with “Local Mobile Monopoly”, even though I didn’t get in on MM [yet].
    Going with “local” means I can help my own area get involved in Mobile Marketing!!

  4. Kat

    Interesting..5 billion with a mobile versus 2 billion on the Internet. I case sense your passion..Just slow down when talking, ’cause you say a lot of good stuff that we need to absorb.
    Good for you Adam for doing well for your young age!

  5. Paul

    Couple of questions.
    >>How much do I have to spend on text credits???
    >>How much is made with the affiliate program
    >>>Do I make money out of selling text credits to others and how much
    >>>Is this a one or two tear affiliate program??
    I think you have a winner Mobile Texting could be huge??


  6. Linda

    Great info just please slow your speach down a bit. Put a pause after your periods. I’m sure this is second nature to you but new to some of us. Thanks

  7. Jack

    Is there a way to bulk up some of the mobile applications so they can work better with the new Verizon HTC 4G ThunderBolt?

  8. Partha Bhattacharya

    What is not clear is where to get the list of mobile numbers! I guess in many countries the law doesn’t permit any individual to send mass mobile messages.

    I checked Adam’s Local Mobile Monopoly site, but apart from his assurance of LMM working outside US through exclusive partnerships, there is no other clarification..!

  9. Cathryn


    The list is obtained from the businesses that you service. In other words, the business obtains it’s customer’s cell phone numbers and passes them on to you. Adam also has a great free tool inside the program to build your own list of potential businesses. More details on how LMM works outside of the U.S. are also available to you once you purchase the program. Have you watched the “free training” link above?

  10. Deni

    Hi. I am not only new to MM ideas, I don’t even have texting on my phone! (yet) I’m also new to Clickbank and online marketing of any kind. I’d love to have help figuring this out, but first I need to understand what you said. Please break it down and slow it down. My ears don’t work as fast as you talk! Ha Ha Thanks.

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