Improve Your Writing and Thrive

Posted by: Beau Blackwell, Marketing Coordinator

Whether you’re a ClickBank publisher or affiliate, a key component to your success is getting people to take action based purely on the strength of your writing.

For publishers, it’s obvious that your pitch page needs to be able to sell interested visitors on why they really need your product, how it’s going to improve their lives, and why it’s better than any of your competitors’ products.  Once you’ve made the sale, your product needs deliver the value you’ve promised, and be easily comprehensible and actionable to people all over the world.

Affiliates need to have an even broader range of writing skills, depending on where and how they’re trying to promote products. If you’re paying for search engine advertisements, you have a very limited amount of space in which to convince searchers to click on your ad, and to explain what they should expect on the landing page. If you write articles, you have to legitimately inform people and entice them to click on your Hoplink. Affiliates have to master a wide variety of writing styles and learn how to use them properly in many different locations.

Since great writing is important and valuable to all of us, I wanted to share a few particularly useful articles from my favorite writing blog, Copyblogger.

These posts, along with the rest of the useful information available on Copyblogger, will go a long way toward help your affiliate marketing efforts thrive!

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  1. Jay

    Copyblogger is one of my favorite blogs that I’m subscribed to. Definitely recommend other affiliates to read it to improve their writing skills. Good post.

  2. Angela

    I haven’t heard of copyblogger before. These are excellent articles, though. Thank you for posting them. I am going to be a regular visitor to copyblogger as well as this blog, I am sure. :)

    Angela from Aberdeen

  3. Scott

    Brian Clark is the owner of coppyblogger and has been a copywriter for years. His experience shows on his blog and his style of explaining is easy to understand.


  4. Ryan

    Nice well written, many thanks. Have never checked out CopyBlogger before and so will check out his stuff. Cheers.

  5. Chris

    Copy blogger is a great blog to improve your writing skills, Im subscribed to them and love the stuff they come out with…


  6. Sandy

    I’ve never been to copy blogger, will visit them if you guys are recommending….

    BTW, i never knew clickbank had a blog… seeing this for the first time…


  7. Martha Jones

    In my opinion, Brian Clark is one of the best writers I have seen online. I am a subscriber of his blog for about a year or so, and find all his articles highly informative and useful! :)

  8. Maria Romana

    The comment on grammar is well-taken. I am continuously appalled at the blogs, sales letters, and sales pages I see that are not just poorly written from a persuasion perspective, but can’t manage to get simple spelling and grammar correct. How hard is it to have a friend or relative proofread, or at a minimum, run a spell checker? Get the basics right, people–there/their/they’re, loose/lose, etc. You’re sitting in front of a computer…just look it up!


    Excellent post. Thanks. I visited the copyblogger after reading this post and it has very useful information to affiliates.Thanks again.


  10. shaun williams

    Ms. Romano, I could’nt agree more with your statement. There does not seem to be gratitude or much respect out there. I just recieved an email from slumdog millionaire. He tries to “catch” my eye on MY incoming EMAIL, starting with “GODD N. YOU GET EVERYTHING”. Boy, was I taken back. I am just starting out, I feel ALONE. When I saw your add, anyway thanks for your input. I thought it was me, I began to think I might be getting into the wrong field. Your post might have kept me in the game. THANX, (only kidding).

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