How to Succeed at Article Marketing

Posted by: Dave Gale, Guest Blogger

For years, article marketing has been an effective tool for affiliates to generate visits and sales from interested consumers.

Here is a brief overview of how article marketing works and how it can benefit your efforts as an affiliate.

First, you should identify a product niche that you’re knowledgeable about, and then write an article related to that topic. At the end of the article, you can add a ‘resource box.’ Typically, this is a couple of sentences about you and what you have to offer, followed by a link to your website, where you can then direct people to useful products in that niche.

The trick here is to use those sentences to entice people to click on your link. An easy way to accomplish this is to offer a free report or other freebie related to your niche market.

Next, you’ll submit that article (for free) to various article directories on the web.

The two main directories to start with are: and

To find more, just do a Google search for ‘article directory’ or ‘article directories.’

Please note that one of the conditions of publishing your article in these directories is that you allow other people to republish your articles as long as they don’t change the content and leave your name and the resource box at the end of the article intact.

Don’t worry; this is a good thing, as it will lead to more traffic for you! There are two main ways this practice will get you additional traffic.

1) Getting Published

Website owners in the niche market you are writing about will come to these directories looking for suitable articles they can use as content on their websites or ezines.

If they pick your article to publish on their site, their visitors will see your website link in the resource box at the end of your article, which could generate extra traffic for you with no additional effort or expense on your part.

2) Search Engine Rankings

Article directories can rank highly in the search engine results, so your article may get a good search engine listing by being on some of these sites. This is especially the case if other websites link to your article.

To try to get a good search engine ranking, you should target specific keyword phrases you want to rank for and make sure to include them in your article. The less competitive the keyword, the better the chance your article will rank well in the search engines.

A note of caution-don’t overdo your keyword targeting by stuffing loads of keywords into the article. If you do this, many people won’t want to read your article or click on your link, and the search engines may punish you for writing “spammy” content. This completely defeats the purpose of article marketing, which is to provide useful information that gets people to take the action you want them to take.

Instead of repeating your keyword dozens of times, just get your main keyword in there a few times, and start the article title with your keyword if you can. Your best bet is to strike a balance between having your keyword in your article enough to get noticed by search engines and keeping it readable, informative, and enjoyable for actual humans. After all, it doesn’t matter how many visitors see your article if it doesn’t convince anyone to click on your link!

In addition to getting your articles ranked in the search engines, you can also increase your own website’s search engine rankings by linking to it from your articles. With each article you submit, the more links you’ll have to your site, and the better your rankings will be.

That’s article marketing in a nutshell. Give it a try, and be aware that it may take some time and effort before you start seeing results. The best article marketers put a lot of time and effort into improving their work, just like any author, but since it’s a free and simple way to generate traffic and sales, it’s well worth the time you invest!

Dave Gale is an Internet marketer specializing in information publishing. To read more of Dave’s articles, visit

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  1. Cally Rao

    Succint and pointed . It’s always good to make a beginning from one’s own background.I started a journal as a teenager and things developed from there.

  2. Carlton

    Awesome article. I am going to use it on my website as part of my newbie training module. Thanks for making this information available.

  3. Marketing Guy

    Excellent article. I have found article marketing to be one of the better methods of site promotion, especially when the site is new and not being ranked highly by google. With new sites like that, I can put up 5-10 articles on EZA, goarticles, and isnare, and it definately gets some traffic in.

  4. Gerardo Velazquez

    Buena aportación

    Escribir artículos o documentos que aporten contenido útil y oportuno a los interesados en algún tema en particular, aún ahora es valioso como medio de publicidad para que tengamos más visitas a nuestro sitio.

    Suena buena idea, pero en la actulidad no mucha gente tiene ganas de leer y por otra parte, la gente fácilmente descubre las intenciones de esos materiales por lo que los ignora.

    Pero bueno, ahi está la aportación de Dave Gale para que la valoremos, tal vez a algunos de este foro les parezca útil.

    Saludos para todos

  5. moralde

    Thanks. I needed articles like these to make my site and goals moving.

    BTW, just put up my very own blog. It’s now 11 days old! :)

  6. Tanya Benson

    How do I go about writing articles or other ways of making money w/Clickbank?

  7. gareth 4778

    Really helpfull and usefull information. Only recently discovered aricle writing after loads of useless other methods, long way to go. But has you say hard work and determination is the only way.

  8. Renegade Network Marketer

    Very well done. Perfect amount of information for someone new to article marketing. I use the keywords I want to rank for in my resource box and link those to my blog or a web page and then watch it rise up in the search engines for those keywords. Works like a charm.

  9. Darren Chow

    A quick note on keyword stuffing. It used to be the case that article marketers stuff articles with 4 to 5% keyword density. My experience has shown that there is no need to do that. 2% will do just fine.

    Thanks for the great article.

  10. Jesus

    Very good article, I do not get a lot of power from the backlinks from the articles but I get a lot of traffic from them. Thanks again.

  11. Becca

    Good article and some good advice as well. I’d also mention that filling in your author profile is a good idea. They are usually ignored. The profiles are sometimes indexed.


  12. Sylvie Strong

    This is a great post but I question the conventional wisdom that it is good to rank your articles. In other words, why do I want an ezinearticle on the 1st page of Google? I’m earning them adsense revenue, but the link juice is the same (I think) as if the article didn’t get anywhere near the front page. More disturbingly, I’ve created a competitor on the 1st page. I totally understand that: 1) someone could read my article and go to my website; and 2) if both my article and my site made it to Google page 1 that would be a good result. But what worries me is that the 1 available slot on Page 1 was taken up by my article when it could have been my site. If I care only about powerful backlinks, and not as much about ranking articles getting direct traffic, shouldn’t I be avoiding good keywords and instead focusing on competitive generic keywords? If I pick a keyword in my niche that is very competitive, I will have no chance of ranking on Google but may have a better chance of being picked up by publishers on Ezinearticles. Given my priorities, am I thinking about this the wrong way? Thanks.

  13. Derby Valentino

    I will use this, I’m very excited about starting my of websites, there is so many things out there its hard to choose, thanks for your Article Marketing advises Derby Valentino

  14. Dave Gale


    There are benefits to trying to rank articles on an ezine directory such as ezine articles in that the sites the site already has ‘authority’ with Google and it can be easier for your article to get indexed and rank than perhaps your own site if it is new for example.

    Also your article also has a chance to be picked up and used by other site owners. Saying that there is nothing wrong with trying to rank articles on your own web site. It may take more effort to get the articles ranked especially if you have a newer site but it will be of benefit more longer term. So you could do either or a mixture of both.

    You could get the articles ranked on your web site first then when it is indexed do some re-writing and then also publish it to the article directories.

    Hope that helps,


  15. Daniel Lofton

    I use article marketing for all of my websites and it is definitely worth the trouble and the time and effort to write and publish the articles. They give great backlinks and will shoot your website up in the search engines.

  16. Breny Kindred

    I think consistency is one of the biggest keys to article marketing. Most people don’t have an article marketing plan and they will write a few articles and then give up when they don’t see results right away.

  17. Alex

    How do I make money by writing articles on other peoples products or products on Clickbank without having a website of my own?

  18. Andy Brown

    Great article Dave,

    I’ve been doing article marketing for well over 10 years and even with that I wish I had started earlier. It’s a proven technique, takes effort, but the payback is enormous.



  19. Dave Gale

    Thanks Andy – & yep I totally agree. It’s great as a longer term traffic strategy but sadly a lot of people overlook it wanting to find an “easy push button solution” instead!


  20. Chris

    Some really great points Dave! I started out using article marketing as a means to link directly to sales pages, but have since gotten away from that. I now prefer to use articles to drive traffic to my squeeze pages and capture leads instead. It’s so much more lucrative (and enjoyable) when you can email your subscribers and build relationships with them.

    I think article marketing is still the most powerful way to get a lot of trageted traffic quickly, but many have decided that it’s no longer viable due to competition. Well, to them I would say that they have to setep up their game a little! Thanks for the great post Dave!

  21. Paul Warner

    It is utterly amazing how many products are thrown at us that suggest that article marketing is a waste of time, even by those who know it works. It is distasteful, in my opinion, that someone trying to sell their new product launch will knock something where there is proof all over the Internet of those who make good money with article marketing,
    and this, again in my opinion, comes very close to virtually lieing. The more we are given the how, and the benefits to article marketing the more it seems that this is a path to take for so many beneficial reasons. So for me I am always thankful to be reminded of the advantages to this kind of marketing, even if the rhetoric is the same.

  22. Nassorn

    “…It’s great as a longer term traffic strategy but sadly a lot of people overlook it wanting to find an “easy push button solution” instead! …”

    Dave, I was that person. I wasted lot of time last year with ‘easy push button’ :(

    It took me over a year to truly understand the value of article writing. Today I’m seriously working on it as a long term traffic strategy.

    I can think about article writing as ‘The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs!’. So keep feed it good food.

  23. Jacquie Cattanach

    Thanks for the great article Dale. I’ve just started to get back into the article marketing myself.

    What do you think of linking or bookmarking to your articles on the article sites to increase page rank/recognition, therefore increasing your positioning in Google for your article, creating more traffic to your article – thereby more traffic to your website. Does that make sense?

  24. Zulfiqar

    I appreciate your recommendation i also use some article directories for my article submission. If anybody wants to improve their traffic then write unique article in their own websites and atleast submit 5 articles a day.

  25. Mark Goodies

    I think article submitting is a great way of generating backlinks but it just takes so much time to write a good article. Is there any value in paying for unique or prewritten articles?

  26. Casey Brown

    Great info. Offering something for free is always a good way to build your list. Although writing articles takes time, it is a good way as you stated to build up back links to higher PR sites, to rank in the search engine and to makes some affiliate sales.

  27. Brad

    Good post. I have done some research on duplicate content and have found the market divided on the value or lack of value of the materials posted to multiple sites. It seems much like duplicate newspaper articles to us though. Chris Farrell recently dicussed the issue with EZine Articles and was assured that duplicate content would not be penalized. What is click bank’s view? Thanks for your views. Cheers !

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