How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

As a small business owner, you’re concerned about getting the maximum ROI out of your marketing budget. Email marketing is a highly effective and affordable method of keeping your brand in front of your customers and generating more sales.

Growing a targeted email list takes time and patience. Instead of buying a list, build your list organically so that your group consists of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. In order to build your list organically, you should:

  1. Make Subscribing Easy – First and foremost, you need to make your newsletter subscription form easy to find so your readers won’t miss the opportunity to opt-in.There are many different places for you to place your form. The right sidebar, in the header, at the end of your blog post, the left sidebar. Test what works best for your site, or even try more than one subscription box on a page!
  1. Offer Something Of Value – People constantly want to know what’s in it for them. In order to get people to sign up for your list, they need to know they will get something of value. Give a discount, an exclusive deal, a free eBook, advice, or something else in exchange for their email address. Make sure that benefit is showcased right in front of them in your sign-up form.
    BuzzBlogger does a great job incentivizing sign ups.

    BuzzBlogger does a great job incentivizing sign ups.

  1. Use Calls-to-Action – People don’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them. If you want them to sign up for your email marketing subscriber list, tell them that. If you want them to forward your newsletter to friends who might be interested, tell them that too. Put these call-to-action buttons everywhere you can to get people to subscribe to your list. This means all over social media, blogs, at trade shows, etc.
  1. Create Great Email Content – Your email message needs to really stand out if you want people to stay subscribed, and if you want them to forward the message to their friends, family, and colleagues that aren’t already on your list. Like we stated above, readers have to reap a benefit from your email. Make the “what’s in it for me?” crystal clear in your message. Your value proposition should hit readers in the head almost immediately. is a great example of telling readers what they'll get for subscribing. is a great example of telling readers what they’ll get for subscribing.

  1. Let Them Know What They’re Missing – After sending out emails, regularly tease your social media followers with hints of upcoming newsletters that they’ll miss if they’re not subscribed. Mentioning email only discounts that they can share is another sure way to have new subscribers opting in.
  1. Offer Other Sign-up Options –Include your social media icons in all of your newsletters so that your readers can easily share them with their friends and provide links to your opt-in page on all of your social media networks.

There’s no shortcut to growing a loyal base of subscribers, but these tips will not only help you build a better relationship with your subscribers, it will attract the attention of potential subscribers. The key to strong email list-building to is attack from as many angles as possible.

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