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  • December 6, 2012
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ClickBank is excited to announce that you can now use a Payoneer MasterCard® to receive Automated Clearing House (xACH) payments from ClickBank. Payoneer offers you a new way to get paid that is fast, secure and offers you great flexibility with your money.  It is a safe and convenient way to receive payments in countries that don’t currently accept xACH.  See the list of xACH countries in our Help Center.

There’s no need to wait for checks to arrive in the mail. You can use your card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted worldwide, online or at ATMs to easily access your money.  You can also check your balance and transaction history.

Plus, get $25 when you sign up with Payoneer and receive a payment of $100 or more!

If you are located in a country that makes it difficult to receive check or xACH payments from ClickBank, don’t wait to enable this new payment option.

To get started, sign up for the Payoneer MasterCard, then click here for instructions on setting up Payoneer payments.

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  1. Presegs Adesida

    This is really great and by far the very best payment option.

    When can one start to be receiving clickbank payments into ones Payoneer account?
    Will it be until after receiving at least 2 cheques before one can then start using Payoneer to receive payments?

    I’m eager in confirming this please.

  2. Ken

    Hi, I had read somewhere online, i think on WarriorForum that you can’t start receiving clickbank payments into your Payoneer account until you’ve received at least 2 cheques before you can then start using Payoneer to receive your payments. Is this true?
    This is because I want to sign up as a clickbank affiliate now, and I want to know if I can start getting my payments immediately via Payoneer mastercard without the clumsiness of having to wait to first receive 2 mailing checks before I can start using it.
    Can I do that?

  3. Francis

    Please the link to sign up for Payoneer mastercard is not available. Please send me a link to enable me to sign up. Thank you

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